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Dear Reader,

My name is Marissa Packin and here is my digital portfolio. In my portfolio, I have all of the projects I've done or helped with in Virtual Enterprise, as well as information about myself. You will find a resume, a cover letter, a letter of recommendation, four samples of things I've worked on this past year in Virtual Enterprise, and three writing samples.

This year in the Virtual Enterprise class at Mission Viejo High School I was in the marketing department as a marketing assistant. I am graduating in June and in the fall I will be attending San Diego State University in their honors program as a marketing major. This class has prepared me for that major and I hope to find a job in the business field someday.

Hopefully in this portfolio you can find some important information about me and things I have accomplished this past year. Feel free to email me with any questions you have regarding this portfolio.

Work Samples

Writing Samples