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My objective is to become a part of an excellent healthcare team, and to grow as an individual, but also together with my peers and superiors. I plan to become an RN someday, but I would like to work as a CNA for 1-3 years before I pursue nursing.  

Work experience


Pleasant Manor

Beginning on November 16th 2009, and ending on November 19th 2009, I performed my clinical duties at Pleasant Manor in Attleboro,MA as required by the state. I formed special bonds with a few of the residents during my time there,  I enjoyed being there and learning what it's like to work in the real-life nursing home setting. 

Dec 2008Mar 2009

House Cleaner

Fabulous Cleaning

As an employee of Fabulous Cleaning, I was trained how to professionally and thoroughly  clean the homes of company clients.  I was asked to arrive at 8:30a.m., and the other cleaning girls and I would leave around 9:00a.m.which was also the time we were allowed to punch in and begin our day officially. The job was great because it kept me busy all day,and the work-day seemed to just fly by. I alsoliked the fact that I was able to travel to different houses everyday, it made working kind of exciting. The only problems that I had with the job was that my boss would be upset if any of us came in after 8:30,which I didn't think was right because we weren't allowed to punch in until 9:00. I left voluntarily because of a minor dispute with my boss about pay, after I had taken a weekout with the flu. I didn't feelcomfortable working there any longer. The job itself, however, was great.

Mar 2008Oct 2008

Tele-Sales Representative

Civic Development Group

As an employee of Civic Development Group, I was instructed as of how to make phone calls to Massachusetts residents in order to collect donations for the fundraiser we were working under. I voluntarily quit due to some personal reasons at home. I also felt that the job was not the right fit for me personally, I don't like asking people for money over the phone. Other than that, it was a good place to work, and they treated my co-workers and I very wellduring the time that I worked there. You can contact  the floor manager Ray Timmons for a reference at (781)556-1927.


Oct 2009Nov 2009


International Health Care Training & Services

I attended International Health Care Training & Services from October 26th 2009-November 19th 2009. I completed my clinical hours at Pleasant Manor in Attleboro,MA. I found this course very rewarding and I am so glad that I had the opportunity do so. My instructors were amazing, you can contact either Jane or Peter for a reference at (508)222-8710. Or  you can contact Jane Kariuki directly on her cellphone at (508)446-4050. I have my certificates, but I am still waiting to hear from the state as to when my test date is. 


Raymond Timmons

Jane Kariuki

Peter Kariuki


International Health Care Training & Services



Mrs. Jane Kariuiki, RN. BSN. Program Director


Mrs. Jane Kariuki,RN. BSN. Program Director