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growth portfolio

Supermetrics Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Oct 2018Till date

Growth Consultant

1. Reduced the User Acquisition Cost by 90% in 3 months' time. 

2. Increased number of User reviews by 5 times in 3 months' time

3. Built Quora as an organic Growth Channel in 1 month's time (10% of relevant traffic)

Head - Product, Growth and Customer Experience

1. Built the Marketing team from scratch scaled the user base from 0 to 40K in 6 months, achieved Product - Market fit in 3 months since launch. 

2. Helped raise $1M USD in pre-Series A funding.

3. Single handedly built organic traffic from Quora with 45 answers, 125K views600 up votes and 60 shares.

Many of the answers are top results for the corresponding questions.

4. Single handedly built SEO through Blog articles with the following articles coming in the first 5 search results on Google for core keywords like research paper rejection, academic research writing, increase citation count

5. Conceptualised and built “Yelp for Journals” - a key SEO strategy that grew from 5% to 30% of overall traffic.

6. Wrote the PR story

7. Designed the landing page story and copy

8. Designed and scripted the Facebook campaign video

9. Wrote the concept and copy for Facebook campaigns  -

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Stanford School of Business


Stanford Ignite program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Stanford Ignite is an academic program for individuals formulating, developing and commercializing ideas.

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