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High School Graduate

Duckville High School

I graduated from Duckville High School as an honors student with many hours in Scholar Bowl and FCCLA

Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts and Acting

Full Sail University

I graduated from Full Sail University with a  Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Acting.after attending a community college for my general studies.


Keeping Composure In High Stress Situations

I am able to handle high stress situations accordingly and can get a cool, calm temper when it comes down to it.


I personally believe that one of my best skills is acting.  It is something I have always done and have been noted highly for on many occasions.

Work experience


Walt Disney Studios

When I was employed and took part in a large number of movies and TV shows.  I was noted for my high level of skills in the acting department.

Video Game Character

As an actor, I also took part in being in video games.  This expanding my acting skills and allowed me to become better and more well known for what I do.