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I'm a Creative Developer specializing in Front-End with Back-End background experience. Having good fundamental knowledge in both areas allows me to innovate and implement ideas realistically while keeping within project budget and timeline. Love making thing works and adding a personal touch to it to enhance user experience. Simply believe in the endless possibility of ideas and creations.

Work experience


Lead Front-End Developer

Decision Science Agency

Lead the front-end development of projects, working closely and assist AEM developer to create structured and organized codes for ease of developing it into AEM component. Plan and develop common/shared charting AEM component using ds.js. Assisting analyst in the tracking tools.  

Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AEM, Bitbucket, D3


Interactive Developer -> Lead Digital Developer

Mandate Communications

During the times here I have managed to absorb and open up to many different type of project and clients. Below are some of the recent and notables projects that I have done. 

Sentosa Client
Did several of their microsite for their major events including, Sentosa Flowers, Sentosa Buskers, Spooktacular.

Sentosa Flowers 2011 to 2013 – Create the base framework and structure for the site. Added smooth effect and animation to make the site more interactive and fun for the users to browse and experience the mood of the Lunar New Year. The photo contest mechanism was integrated into the site to allow engagement with the people during the event. The main take-away in this project is to experience hand-coded animation and liaising with back-end vendor with photo contest mechanism.
Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, TweenMax, jQuery, Scrollorama

Sentosa Spooktacular – Had lead and developed several versions and interactive component for this event microsite. This includes having a flash game shooting game (competitive) [2010], multiplayer flash game (competitive) [2011], phone call with flash [2012] and flash video with customize photo [2013]. The website for this event has won several marketing awards due to the efforts the teams has put in.
Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, TweenMax, jQuery, Reverse AJAX, SWFObject, WebAPI

Forget Us Not (2016) –
A website for creating a dementia friendly community. An initiative by LIEN foundation. It is an responsive website with more complex custom layout for different resolution.
Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Webflow, RWD

LIEN foundation
Created a microsite that encourage and allow user to create a tinbox which they can write or show stuff that they want people to be remembered.
Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, TweenMax, jQuery

A single page scrolling site with some creative interaction and design. It was integrated with social media for sharing and to show support. Integration with online database to store latest 7 ids and also forms submission for interested supporter.
Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, TweenMax, jQuery, Skrollr

MOH – SG50 Seniors
Is a responsive web design website for their seniors SG50 promotion. It was initially created purely using HTML leveraging on a platform and their framework, therefore the development time was greatly reduce without compromising quality. It was later integrated into their existing CMS for easy maintenance.
Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Webflow, RWD

A revamp website for their yoodeeinc. It is an interactive responsive website. Lots of complex features has been added to make sure it is compatible with the framework and platform. There is a live counter which will increase when a user has found or click on a universal design animation.
Tech uses: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Webflow, jScrollPane, RWD

Here are some corporate client’s website that I have lead and developed that are responsive and is using Foundation Framework.
- Army :
- MSC :
- SAS :
- JTC: (Using old and new framework to support older version of browsers)


Digital Developer

WangHe Interactive

This was my start-up journey, was able to developed a website with my teams and it won us some awards during this period.

  • Tech Leader / Front-End developer on the development of NewWave Telecoms Website. Won an Award in 2009 issued by Interactive Media Council.
  • Tech Leader / Front-End developer for HDB HeartLandBuzz. Integrating customized Back-End Module, including Forums, Blogs, Polls and Gallery.
  • Managing IT works. Including setting up infrastructure, software application and network.




Information Technology, Digital Entertainment

Nanyang Polytechinic