Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2014 - Feb 2015

Program Director

Indonesia Martial Arts Academy


Aug 2012 - Present

Strategic Communication Science

Diponegoro University

Join Kronik Filmedia Universitas Diponegoro in Movie Appreciation Department 2012-2014
Join TEKA Komunikasi Event as Liaison Officer, 2013
Join Perayaan HARFILMNAS Semarang committee as Project Leader, 2014
Join Commoviecation by DMW Komunikasi Universitas Diponegoro committee as event
coordinator, 2014
Join KNF (Kronik Nongkrongin Film) 2 committee as Project Leader, 2014
Join Women Self Defence Workshop committee as Project Leader, 2014
Join GO Tumblr! Social Campaign committee as Secretary and Finance, 2014

Jun 2009 - May 2012

Senior High School

SMAN 26 Jakarta

Join Phoenix Paskibra of Twenty Six as Secretary, 2011-2012

Jul 2006 - Jul 2009

Junior High School

SMPI Al-Azhar 2 Pejaten

Join OSIS SMP Al-Azhar Pejaten as Secretary, 2009

Join ELECTRIC event SMP Al- Azhar as Accountant and Liaison Officer, 2009

Jun 1999 - Jul 2006

Elementary School

SDI Al-Azhar 2 Ps. Minggu




Interpersonal Communication

Program Planning



Marketing communication

Program planner

Media Planner

Advertising budget planning