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To develop my working skills to their full potential and broaden my people skills when working with other employees, superiors, and my customer base.



Willing to learn and take on tasks that will help and challenge myself in the future.

Excellent listening and perfecting skills.

Exceptionally motivated and willing to take on any objective required of me.

Skilled in MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Netiquette.


*Working hard and diligently to obtain steady income.

*To join a company that offers me a stable and positive atmosphere and inspires me to enhance

 and therefore to innovate the work culture for the betterment of all parties concerned.

Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Personal Assistant

Fabric Imports

As a personal assistant, my activities among others include:

*Create and modify documents using Microsoft Office *Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring. *Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them. *Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence while I'm away. *Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. *Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities. Qualification Requirements: *Good planning, communication and organization skills *Must be honest, reliable & dependable *Excellent verbal & written communication skills *Must have strong problem solving skills *Must be organized & extremely detail oriented *Experience working with the internet, email. *Ability to multi-task and self manage 24/7 mindset *A willingness to do whatever needs to be done is a must
Jan 2012Jun 2012




The duties of a restaurant hostess include: 

 *supervising and coordinating dining room activities

 *receiving and recording patron dining reservations

 *directing patrons to coat rooms and waiting areas

 *may be responsible for sampling new/old menu items 

 *resolving patron complaints

 *maintaining contact with the serving staff, management and customers to make sure that dining 

  details are handled properly and customer concerns are addressed.


The skills required to become a restaurant hostess include active listening skills, speaking skills, speech clarity and oral comprehension skills. Active listening skills are useful for understanding customer requests and taking orders. Speaking skills are useful for conveying information effectively, such as explaining menu items. Speech clarity is useful for conveying information verbally to customers in an efficient manner. Oral comprehension skills are helpful for understanding oral communications from customers and other staff. It is also helpful to have service orientation skills, oral expression skills, problem sensitivity skills and instructing skills.

Working Conditions

Restaurant hostesses have to stand on their feet most of the work day and have to carry heavy high chairs, silverware and dishes. When the restaurant is busy, there is a lot of pressure on hostesses to serve quickly and efficiently. Hostesses must take caution to avoid slips, falls and burns. 


There aren't any specific education requirements necessary to become a restaurant hostess. 


As of when I was hired in the beginning of 2012, restaurant hostess' usually make minimum wage, where I was paid $8.00 per/hr.

Mar 2009Jan 2012

Personal Assistant

Speedy D Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing


 *Help with the day to day hustle and bustle of a relatively new at home business. 

 *Provide help with advertising, creating a visible and productive website, and manage  

  telephone interaction between the company and all of it's contacts. 

 *Helping customers achieve financial freedom and future goals/dreams.

May 2008Aug 2008

Survey Interviewer/Research Assistant

UNCC Urban Institute


*Conducted public opinion surveys across the region via computer assisted telephone interview system (CATI)

Skills Required:

 *  Excellent English speaking skills

 *A Clear and pleasant telephone voice

  *Computer literacy

  *The ability to type at least 30 wpm

  *Must be responsible and committed to assisting with quality research

Jan 2005Nov 2007

Office Assistant/Student Worker

Building Educational Strengths and Talents


 *Served an ethnically diverse population, catering to students with restricted family incomes, 

  potential “first-generation” college students, and students with disabilities evidencing  

  academic need. Helped our students reach for excellence, maintain focus, and achieve the  

  distinction of becoming the first member of their family to graduate from college.

 *As a member I experienced counselors assistance in course selections based on my individual  

  needs ensuring that the requirements of the College of General Education and academic majors  

  were met.


May 2003Dec 2008


University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Skilled in MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Netiquette.