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Kornelije Sajler

Lead Software Developer at Qualtrak Solutions Ltd.


Interested in:

  • Server-side backend programming (F#, C#, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Elixir) 
  • Modern REST API
  • Cloud development
  • Functional programming
  • Unit Testing, TDD, BDD
  • Scrum/Agile Software Development
  • Git source control
  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Film development and analougue photography
  • Landscape photography


  • Software and Database Architecture, Design and Development
  • Programming server-side F#, C#, Elixir, Ruby,....
  • Unix/Linux Server Administration.

Passionate user of:

  • Mac Book Pro 
  • Mac OS X and Linux (ArchLinux, Ubuntu)
  • Vim editor
  • Dvorak keyboard layout.

Not Interested in:

  • PHP/Java development
  • Gaming (dev or pleasure)


Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Lead Software Developer

Qualtrak Solutions Ltd

Programming, designing and architecting Qualtrak coaching solution, Coach.

Designing Azure Cloud scalable architecture as a proof of concept for migration of Coach on-premise solution to cloud solution. Including Azure  Service Bus with Queues and Topics, asynchronous Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web API and SignalR for bi-directional calls between client and server. 

QTag - integrating Coach with Engage product in cloud. Using Azure Table/Blob storage, Azure SQL, Mobile Services, Websites and WebJobs.

Scheduler Engine - automatically select calls for evaluation on Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Custom basis. BDD tested with Gherkin (Given, When, Then) and SpecFlow. 

Coach REST API's - Coding (ASP.NET Web API) and documenting (markdown).

QCRPM (Qualtrak Coach Release Package Manager) - a full release package manager for Coach implemented with Powershell and psake, hooked in to TeamCity and Amazon S3 for Coach releases. Sent as mail to developers and QA with last commit message and link to download the Powershell powered installer.

Technologies/Frameworks used:

  • F#, C#, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, Ninject, Nlog2, Prism, Powershell, SQLServer, Silverlight, node.js, TeamCity, psake...
  • Azure mobile services, table storage, service bus.

Testing technologies used:

  •, SpecFlow, mocha, Cucumber

Methodologies used:

  • Scrum/Agile with Assembla and JIRA.
  • Continuous Integration with TeamCity
  • Source control with Git and Mercurial
Sep 2010Jun 2011

Software Developer



Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, GIS, SQL Server, Oracle, NHIbernate, Unit testing, TFS Agile, DDD, StructureMap,...


  • eCustomer for Jesco (ASP.NET Web Forms, Oracle, NUnit, Selenium)
  • Outsourced to King ICT on TIA project (ASP.NET Web Forms, SQL Server)
  • Public Lighting GIS (Silverlight, Spatial SQL Server, NHibernate, MVVM Light)
  • Logistics (WPF, Caliburn, NHibernate, MySQL, NUnit)
  • Selfridges (ASP.NET MVC 3 - Razor. NHibernate, SQL Server)
Sep 2008Aug 2010

Software Developer

Multilink d.o.o.

Architecting, developing and team leading:

GuestNet - a Web application informing Maistra guests about services, places of interest and events. Project and Team leader and developing completely admin part of application (Front-end & Back-end) using ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, SQL Server, StructureMap.

ASP.NET Custom Server Controls.

All requierments for client T-Mobile.

Jul 2005May 2008


Polytechnic Of Rijeka

Webmastering, designing and managing official website of my college.

May 2006Apr 2008

Application Designer and Programmer

Mapro d.o.o.

Architecting and developing for ALMP (Agencija za lijekove i medicinske proizvode | Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices):

  • Arka - Archive book of all documents in ALMP,
  • Farmakovigilancija - List of all Approval carriers and their Liable persons for Every Medicinal Product and Medical Device in Croatia
  • Farmakoekonomika - Statistics of all sold Medical Products and Medical Devices in Croatia during a period of a year.

Installation and Administering Linux Servers for:

Web design and Help system for web applications:

"StudIS Web" i "SUZ" (Sustav upravljanja zastitom | Security Management System) - PHP, MySQL, Ajax.

Web pages design:

Lectures and Seminars

CASE 19 - Mapro, Kornelije Sajler, Veleuciliste u Rijeci, Marin Kaluza: „WMS - sustav za upravljanje Web sjedistima“;

CASE 20 - „Razvoj poslovnih .NET aplikacija pomocu Visual Studia 2008“, Sveucilisna knjiznica Rijeka, Kornelije Sajler;

CASE 21 - "Razvoj i postavljanje potrebne okoline za Agile Software Development", Multilink, Kornelije Sajler