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Professional Experience summary 

I have 7 years of professional experience. My qualifications are noted in the following bullets points.


  • Design and supervision of a bridge
  • C.C design of a multi-storey building
  • Design of pre-stressing cables, tendons for prestressed bridges.
  • Analysis & design of RCC bridges and design methodology for bridges.
  • RCC building design and analysis for public and commercial structures.


  • Design management including supervision of CAD operators to produce required designs documents.
  • Working knowledge of the AASHTO, ACI and BS codes
  • Design and analyse the steel structures based in AISC LRFD specifications.
  • Design road and construction of roads on site
  • Design a multi-story in Nowshera


Objectives: Looking for an opportunity to work on an important Research work/study in an institution which provides Professional development, interesting experiences and Personal growth .To work within the civil engineering sector where I can use my knowledge and skills in Designing and implementing projects and plans, using Cost-effective tools and techniques enhanced during Studies and through experience. Dealing with contractors, Staffs and efficiency to solve complex problems in order To bring maximum efficiency to the projects. To excel with An organization that can enrich my knowledge, can offer Potential growth, increase my professional efficiency, Groom my personality and most of all prove me to myself.