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Personal Statement

As I have handled customer queries and fixing problems around different stores. I have developed great communication skills and I am a very approachable man. My expertise in helping customers proves that I can handle different types of problems. I am very active and can handle heavy duty items. As I have been as sorting items before it is very easy for me to get used to routines and schedules.

Work experience


Customer Assistent

Reme 1000 Enjo

I stacked items and helped customers have an easier shopping experience. I also worked on the checkout area when the shop got busy and handled customer enquires by giving the best option.


Delivery Assistent

Reme 1000 Byrn 

I helped with unpacking deliveries and as sorting them into their shelves. I also had to manage how many of each items entered the stores shelves and made sure they were in he right order. If a customer came for enquires I would help them.


Elderly Food Assistent

Furuset Care Home

I delivered fresh food to the elderly and sometimes upon request of the patients I would help them with getting things or helping them get to the reading area.



Smedstua Language School

The school where I devolved and learnt Norwegians.


Al Emra

High school education in Somalia which I graduated from.


I know my way around supermarkets and working as a team. Teamwork is a great way of getting jobs done quickly and efficiently. Independence is also I good skill of mine and that is how I get to know my way around things. 

Hobbies & Interests

  • My hobbies and interests include playing football and spending time with my friends. I also enjoy using modern technology.


References are available upon request.