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Building software that is focused around the user goals, software that people like to use. Working with smart people.

Work experience


Software Engineer


I work on Site Integrity - preventing bad experiences on the Web at scale. In particular I am leading a team that work on detecting and classifying all URLs that take users out of Facebook/Instagram.


Distinguished Engineer / Manager

WhiteHat Security

04/2017 - 05/2018 - Distinguished Engineer, director

I was managing the web application scanner team (~10 engineers). We were continuously scanning thousands of customer web sites for security vulnerabilities, discovering and adapting to application changes and new threats. Technologies used were GOlang in micro-services architecture, React/Redux front-end and Perl in legacy products. We also introduced first projects with machine learning for vulnerability verification (participated as a manager).

04/2016 - 03/2017 - Distinguished Engineer

I joined the team responsible for development of the web application scanner for testing applications for security vulnerabilities. One of the tasks was to evolve aging (yet sophisticated) Perl-based web crawler/scanner into new cloud based technologies.


Principal Architect / Sr. Director of Engineering

TIBCO Software Inc.

Started as a Developer, several years as a Principal Architect and left as Sr. Director of Engineering

2014 - 2016 - LogLogic Unity
(Principal Architect -> Sr. Director)

I joined LogLogic team in order to help build the next generation of LogLogic product - a system for managing, analyzing and correlating machine generated data like logs, metrics etc. I started as a hands-on architect, but a few months later I took over the responsibility for delivering LogLogic Unity as well as other products developed in the business unit. 

We were building highly distributed, scalable and cloud-ready solution for handling machine generated data. It is built around technologies like kafka, zookeeper, akka, node.js, angular.js, docker with our own query processing and correlation engine. The first version has been released in November 2014 as LogLogic Unity; from the first drawing on the whiteboard to delivery (and first sale!) - 9 months.

I was leading and organizing the work of a team of ~30 developers (my direct and in-directs reports) and coordinating with other teams (Product Managers, QA, UX designers, architects, doc writers, release engineers etc.).

I have implemented Continuous Delivery process, while maintaining high-quality and stable product. We have recently implemented a process of monthly releases of LogLogic Unity as a path to offer "machine data management as a service". 

2013 (Oct) - 2014 (Feb), SAM - Simple Active Matrix - SOA Platform for Enterprise in the Cloud
(Principal Architect, leader)

I led a team of 7 developers for new project - a simplification of the TIBCO Active Matrix platform targeted for the cloud and the developers. It was a major architectural refresh of the existing well established internal product - platform for building service-oriented applications. The platform itself was a base for TIBCO AMX Service Grid/Bus, TIBCO AMX:BPM, TIBCO BW SE and other TIBCO products. 

2012 - 2013 TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
(Principal Architect)

I was an Architect in the core team designing and delivering the new generation of the Enterprise Administrator -  web based tool that can provide consolidated administration view of several TIBCO product. The architecture was around aggregating and displaying data from several 'self-describing agents'. The technologies used on the web front-end were Angular.js, Bootstrap, jQuery interfacing with REST services running on ActiveMatrix platform. Agents were pure Java with optionally embedded web server, internal communication was using clearly defined APIs for REST or WebSockets.

I was an architect and hands-on developer on this project.

2008 - 2013 TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid
(Architect -> Principal Architect)

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid is an SOA environment for building service oriented applications for enterprise customers. ActiveMatrix platform is also used internally to build 'higher-level' products like TIBCO AMX:BPM - TIBCO's Business Process Management solution

I worked as an architect mostly on 'design-time' and UI aspect of the platform, where users can design, develop and build their service oriented applications. The tool was built on top of TIBCO Business Studio, a TIBCO branded Eclipse platform I was leading in the UK (see below).

Several versions has been released: 3.0 (2010), 3.1 (2011), 3.2 (2012). I worked as a hands-on architect and leader in various stages of this product.

2008 Transfer from UK office to US head office

2005-2008 TIBCO Business Studio
(Developer -> Architect)

I was developer and later team leader for delivery of the 'TIBCO One' initiative - unified Eclipse based platform for all TIBCO products. We have delivered a platform where all TIBCO products can coexists and benefit from each other.

I developed the foundation and first use-cases of Business Studio in spare time and later TIBCO acquired that software and I become the leader of the development effort.

2004-2005 Interaction Engine

We were developing J2EE web-based page-flow engine. Designed as 'small' step in bigger workflow system (TIBCO iProcess engine). Focused mainly on the ease of use (zero configuration) and extensibility.


Oct 1997Jul 2002

Master of Science

Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

Master thesis: „Quality research of chosen methods of machine learning connected with fuzzy logic in knowledge acquisition for expert systems”.

Faculty of Computer Science and Management, specialization: Software Engineering