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Wyatt is a thinker, a creator, and a do-er.  With a BA in philosophy, Wyatt critically evaluates challenges to find the best, most fitting and ethical solutions available.  Not afraid to ask difficult questions and consider unconventional answers, Wyatt has built a career that challenges not only himself but those around him to always demand better. 

Being a creative type, Wyatt is a leader in Boise's social media and technology scene.  He co-founded Pronetos, a social network for scholars, in early 2007 before Facebook was a household name (and before it opened its API, if the reader pays attention to that sort of thing).  Wyatt is an avid Twitter user, tweeting about tech gadgets, Idaho, marketing, news, economic development, and general mundanity.  Wyatt understands that social media is a conversation, not an avenue of one-way messaging.  He has been able to engage with thought leaders, champions and critics to participate in the conversations his products create, not to control them but to influence them.

Wyatt's favorite saying comes from Qoheleth, "He who watches the wind does not sow; he who looks at the clouds does not reap."  No one ever changed the world by wishing, so Wyatt is a do-er.  Ignite Boise and Beer & Blog Boise came to pass by Wyatt's curiosity seeking form.  Getting creative people into a shared space is never a bad thing; all Wyatt had to do was invite them, but that is the key step between wishing and doing.  Ignite Boise was always a good idea, but Wyatt put wheels on the idea and got it done (with a talented team of partners, of course!).  Now, Ignite is the city's premier free, creative event, filling the Egyptian Theater several times a year. 

Wyatt has lots of energy, talent and passion. If nothing else, drop him a line to have coffee or beer.  Maybe he's a good fit for your organization; maybe he's not.  But he loves coffee, beer and conversation either way.

Work experience

Dec 2008Present


Ignite Boise

Ignite Boise is a free event that gives 16 creative, passionate people the opportunity to present their burning idea to a crowd of roughly 750 in 5 minutes using 20 PowerPoint slides that automatically progress every 15 seconds.  Ignite Boise is the hottest event around Idaho!  The first event on 3/19/09 was a flawless success, and the next one in July will only be better.  It is a whirlwind event that is more for fun and inspiration than any other purpose.  Presentations are recorded and posted on YouTube for anyone to see after the event.  Ignite events occur all over the world, from Portland, to Paris, to Bangalore.   I thought Boise was ripe for an Ignite event, so I took it on as a side project.  See us at, and

  • Use free web software to establish, promote, present, and post all aspects of the event, including Facebook, Twitter, OpenOffice, EventBrite, YouTube, Omnisio, WordPress, and Google Groups
  • Sold 600 tickets
  • Raised more than enough sponsorship money
  • Arrange event details: venue, refreshments, A/V equipment, ticketing, raise funds, day-of execution, volunteers, etc.
  • Build team of directors who share and augment the vision for the event
Dec 2006Present


Open Access Press

Open Access Press hosts journal management software that allows peer-review journals to manage, publish and archive online.  OAP is an open access publisher, using Creative Commons licensing instead of a traditional copyright model, OAP keeps ownership of scholastic content where it belongs: in the hands of the author, not a publishing house.  OAP allows for wider dissemination of the latest scholarship all over the world, leading to accelerated discovery, more diverse collaboration, and greater recognition for the author.  OAP also has a social network, Pronetos, to connect scholars around the world to share ideas and working documents.

  • Rain-making
  • Messaging and copy writing
  • Business planning and development
  • Networking and partnership cultivation
  • Competitive intelligence and marketing planning
  • Public relations and customer service
  • Website planning
Feb 2007Present

Business Analyst

  • Competitive intelligence researchMarket research
  • Chasm-crossing market entry strategy
  • Patent portfolio research and valuation
  • Shipment and financial forecasting
Oct 2009Present

Network Administrator


Valice is a  web hosting and design firm. I administer web servers and build web sites.  I also support and train clients to use our services.

Oct 2003May 2006

Research Administrator

  • Grant administration
  • Budget preparation
  • Review and prepare contracts
  • Copy editing for medical journal submissions
  • Event planning




Aug 2008Jul 2010


Portland State University is a world leader in sustainable business education.  Very hands-on, PSU's MBA program has taught me to re-think traditional business problems for a world facing new challenges in need of innovative solutions. 

Aug 1996Dec 2000


Northwest Nazarene University

NNU's department of philosophy has its students wrestle with original texts by reading them, writing about them, and openly debating them.  It is philosophy as philosophy is traditionally construed, focusing on formal logic and critical thinking, Ancient, Classic, Modern, Existential and Post-Modern thought.