Interests and Acheivements

Music Teacher

  •  Taught music classes for children: K-10th grade and demonstrated leadership ability.
  •  Developed teaching experience and assisted students in creating their own songs.

Study Jazz Guitar Under Steve Grismore. 

  • Learned scales and arpeggios used for soloing.
  • Appreciated jazz as an American art form that has changed the way people both play and listen to music. 

University of Iowa Children's Hospital 

  • Fundraised for pediatric oncology patients through Dance Marathon.

College Leadership Council 

  • Selected to represent the University of Iowa at monthly meetings.
  •  Discuss strategies to retain students of area colleges after graduation; spark economic development and marketing ideas in the Corridor area between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. 

Career Leadership Academy 

  •  Four semester academic program focused on developing leadership skills
  •  Deliberated with a group for a service learning project
  •   Strengthened communication, interpersonal, teamwork, networking and leadership skills. 


  • Internship abroad in London, England. 
  • Family stay in Mexico City for two weeks. 
  • Highschool study abroad in Europe (Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France)
  • Highschool study abroad and family stay in Madrid, Spain. 
  • Youth group trip in Israel.  
  • Traveled with family to Canada, Italy, and Greece.  
  • Traveled to over 25 States in the U.S. 



Power Point

Logic Studio


Adobe Photoshop

Final Cut Pro



Work History

Work History

Board Member, T.V. Reporter, Producer, Member of the Marketing Team

The Daily Iowan

Recognized by the Editor as a strong leader and quick learner, I was hand selected for multiple role assignments from general marketing, reporting, editing and producing.   Through succeeding in each position, I was offered a position on the Board of Directors, which I now serve as Vice Chair attending monthly meetings to discuss the financial direction of the newspaper, T.V and online content.

  • Participate in setting marketing strategies to drive financial growth.
  • Responsible for producing 2-3 news stories per week.
  • Oversaw the editing of weekly content.
  • Leadership role in developing growth strategies in the digital space 
Jan 2013 - Present

Production Assistant

Thunder Road Productions

As a Production Assistant on the set of Haunted Highway, a SyFy channel original, being solution oriented is a must.  My ability to adapt to ever-changing demands, allowed me to actively provide recommendations and solutions to fix issues quickly.  To capture what I learned through this experience, it would be this; "Make it work!"

  • Responsible for production crew requests with high degree of problem solving ability.
  • Managed site and equipment preparation.
  • Provided local expertise in determining location shot list.
  • Demonstrated a positive approach and became a trusted "go-to" fixer.
Jan 2013 - May 2013

Krause Fund Analyst

University of Iowa (Applied Equity Valuation)

As a team leader, this project expanded my knowledge in valuation of securities using macro/micro economics, industry analysis, and Financial Information Technology.    

Fund Research:

  • Managed the Energy Sector of the University of Iowa Krause Fund, valued at over $200,000
  • Created financial reports and economic models which determined our final investment recommendations
  • Traded Securities while maintaining active portfolio management
  • Employed a top-down approach that integrates economic, industry and company analysis
  • Utilized DCF, EP, and DDM valuation models to develop intrinsic equity values
  • Developed professional analyst reports on Continental Resources Inc.
Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

Study Abroad Intern


Reporting directly to the CEO of Kontentreal I participated in the global campaign launch, Whole World Water.  In my role, I was able to expand my global awareness and make connections with entrepreneurs evoking positive change.   Additionally, I demonstrated leadership by volunteering to do work outside my daily tasks. 

  • Lead gathering research for the documentary e2: The Economies of Being Environmentally Conscience
  • Participated in brainstorm sessions to develop creative content and potential partnerships
  • Designed the website template for The Whole World Water Campaign – (launching March 2013)
  • Oversaw the tracking of fundraising reports 
May 2011 - Aug 2011


Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific provided me the opportunity to understand the pro-forma of strategizing budgets and running a successful sales operation.  My responsibilities proved to better hone my financial skills in developing business. 

  • Provided critical data to drive sales strategies.
  • Created competitive analysis that shaped geographic opportunities.
  • Received training in sales development and analytical solutions.