UK and Overseas SPA's establishments

  •   Would welcome the opportunity to provide HOLISTIC MASSAGE therapy treatments as follows:          1.  On a Freelance Basis with treatment revenue share Fees  (London  and Surrey areas)

                      2.  On a Daily Rate Fee -  on a selected Day (s) Practising at Spa location (contract arrangement)

                      3.  Or a Mutually agreeable arrangements - based on your specific requirements 

  •   I pro-actively assist with the development of your Client Base i f requested,  providing you with a customized (to your establishment) Treatment Brochure of my services


  • Therapeutic Oil (Aromatherapy) Massage
  • Herbal Steam Compress  (Thai compress & oil - combo Massage)
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Body Scrub treatment
  • Deep Tissue
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Ear Hopi Candle
  • Seated Massage  (Back-Neck-Shoulder-Head)
  • Foot Massage treatments:
    1. Traditional Reflexology
    2. Thai Foot Massage
    3. Chinese Foot Massage
      •  THAI MASSAGE COURSE - Cerficied Massage Teacher  ( 


2009/11   AMIDA - David Lloyds - Hampton&  Chelsea                     DOVE SPA -  Chiswick 

                  and private clients

2009/11SixSenses SPA  at PAN PENINSULA  Canary Warf 

                  Freelance Specialist Therapist  (Tuesdays) - see online Press

2008/09BVLGARI HOTEL - BALI  (Indonesia)

                 Touch from the East'  - Wanchai Li  (press online)

                 The Spa at the Bulgari Resort, Bali invites guests to experience their new

                  holistic Eastern massage with renowned Thai spa specialist and                  Reiki practitioner Wanchai Li                  March 16-27, Wanchai will offer unique, tailor-made sessions                   of Thai massage and Reiki healing and  Train our in-House Staff on                  Thai Massage therapies.

2008/-09          HAND & FOOT SPA  -  (Richmond - Wimbledon Branch)

2007-11       AMIDA Fitness & Spa -  (Twickenham)2007-08    GALEN Clinic  - (Richmond)

2006-08    THE MASSAGE  (NW6)


                    Press: Chancery Court Spa

2005-06                    Press Cutting:  Herbal Compresss Treatment  (Lok Prakob) - The Guardian 

2005-11   Re-AQUA - (Chiswick W6)

                    Wanchai Li - Special Massage Treatments

2004-07    SOMA CENTRE - (Royal Garden Hotel) SW7

                    HOME HOUSE  -  (Private Club)  W1                    SPA 51 (Taj Hotel Resorts) Buckingham Gate SW1

                    MARRIOTT COUNTY HALL - (SW1)                    

2003-04      PARIS  - Spa's &  5* Hotel - private Clients

                     Les Bains du Marais -  3eme Paris

                     Bleu Comme Bleu - 6eme Paris

                     Saint-James & Albany Hotel- Spa - 6eme Paris


Of Thai-Chinese origins – Born into S.E Asian Holistic massage traditions, Wanchai Li  learned his therapeutic skills at a tender age from his practicing mother. Today, holding several qualifications - A considerable work-experience History - gained with several renowned High-End Spa establishments (London/Paris) and a Portfolio of Certified Treatments – His eastern sensibilities, a warm and compassionate  personality – earned him  well-deserved recognition and continued positive client testimonials.  (Press cuttings) 


2006 - Present

Yoga (Hermit) Thai yoga exercises

IDI Thai Massage School
2006 - Present

Thai Massage Teaching Course

IdI Thai Massage School
2007 - Present

Indian Head Massage

Claire Mendelsohn (Dip. CAC,CIBT,IFM
2007 - Present

Ear Hopi (candle treatment)

Stephen Harris Dip. MCMA, dip ITEC, Dip AOSM
2007 - Present

Seated Accupressure Massage

Stephen Harris (as above)
2008 - Present

Balinese Massage

Jamu Spa School
2007 - Present


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II
2008 - Present

Chinese Foot Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

Central London College of Reflexology
Jan 2007 - Aug 2008

Reflexology - CLCR

Central London College of Reflexology

ESPA treatment Course


Medicinal Thai Herbs & Treatments

Wat Pho Temple School - Bangkok

Traditional Thai Massage & Foot Massage

Wat Pho Temple School - Bangkok