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Computer Knowledge
I type about 45-50wpm and have common knowledge revolving around Microsoft Office (ie. Word, Excel, and Power Point)  I use these programs often in college currently and hope to improve as the semesters go by. Also know minimal-mild repairs for electronics.

Work experience



This was a seasonal job and I had taken it to just get my feet wet and get a job for the first time since getting out of high school. This was my first retail job and I started during the holiday season around the first year of college. I had basic training on what a register was, how to maintain the area I had been stationed in (mostly in men clothing), and how to deal with customers. I only stayed till the end of the season and was offered to stay with the company, but declined since my parents wanted me to focus more on college at the time.

Aug 2009Present

Customer Service Manager


After returning to the company I was promoted, I had been offered the promotion before with my prior experience with the company, only rejecting the offer before cause at the time I felt I wasn't ready. What made me step into this time was cause I felt I had learned enough to handle everything that came my way. I make sure thousands of dollars are regulated and not stolen, I keep my associates on track, and above all I make sure my customers dealt with accordingly and maintain as happy as possible with excellent service.

Aug 2005Jun 2007



Wal-Mart help me refine what it is to show customer satisfaction and care was. I managed to branch out into every department and learned most of the inner workings from just my eagerness to learn and improve myself overall. Stocking, replacing shelves and labels, proper hazardous material disposal, customer check out, and customer relations specialist.


Evergreen Valley College

Covered a span of general education only during my stay at Evergreen Valley College to further hone and refine my basics of reading, writing, math, and science.

Aug 2012Present

Hospitality Management

Mission College

Expected to graduate from the program in winter of 2014.


Hospitality Sales and Marketing

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
Dec 2012Dec 2017