Wilson To

Wilson To


Sep 2009 - Present


University of California, Davis

GPA: 3.8

Lab of Dr. Anthony Cheung

Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine University of California, Davis School of Medicine

Sep 2004 - Jun 2009


University of California, San Diego

Division of Biology Science

Pre-Optometry Practicum: Ocular Pathology

Minor, Rady School of Management - Business

Project Management, Marketing, and Consulting focus

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2006 - Present

Undergraduate Researcher

University of California, San Diego Bioengineering Department

My research involves instrumentation/hardware modification and design of equipment used in Computer Assisted Intravital Microscopy. On the software side, I managed team of 9 in Mathworks MATLAB program development to analyze blood flow velocity in the microcirculatory system to detect the development and state of microvascular disorders.

Piloting study in analysis of hypertensive patients, correlating microvascular abnormalities of the conjunctiva with that of the retina. Review of over 20,000 patient files to examine retinal abnormalities.

Jun 2009 - Present

Graduate Student Researcher

University of California, Davis Pathology Department

I co-piloted study in retinal research involving analysis of non-proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy, correlating it with conjunctival data. My clinical work involved collecting microcirculatory data of a patient's conjunctiva to determine microangiopathic trends associated with vascular disorders using Computer Assisted Intravital Microscopy and Hemorheology. At the end of my fellowship, my findings were delivered in a research seminar and forum to audience of 60 doctors and researchers.

First-author submission to Endocrine Practice Medical Journal

Jan 2003 - Present

Optometry Intern

Golden Milpitas Optometry

All-around office knowledge: I installed an Orthokeratology-fitting video imaging system for multi-doctor consultation; in the laboratory, I independently managed lab operations and accounts to maintain lab equipment and supplies. On the frontend, I worked with doctors to fill prescriptions and discharge patients.

Jul 2008 - Present

Microsoft Senior Student Partner

Volt Services Group

Currently managing team of 15. Building brand awareness by promoting Microsoft products and services, particularly Windows Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate 2007, Zune, XBox 260, and Hewlett-Packard systems. I wrote and implemented various marketing plans geared towards promoting various Microsoft campaigns, including "Zune 3.0", "See for Yourself", and "The Ultimate Steal". Exceeded project goals for each campaign, highlighted with over 1,000 impressions, 500 touches, and 200 registrations per event. Promotion to Senior Student Partner in 5 months.

Actively engaged in the planning of trainings for over 98 Student Partners throughout the nation during second year as a Senior Student Partner.

Oct 2007 - Jan 2008

Office Live Representative


Worked in a small team setting to devise marketing plan promoting Microsoft Office Live Workspace tailored to UC San Diego. Using non-traditional methods of marketing, we enlisted over 100 student and faculty service enrollments - 2nd highest in the nation.

Jan 2007 - Jun 2007

Optometry Intern

Scripps Poway Eyecare

I mainly conducted traditional pre-examination tests on patients, which included measuring patient blood pressure, non-contact tonometry, and computer-assisted refraction. I had frequent clinical exposure to keratoconus patients in diagnosis and treatment. I also worked with doctors in experimentation design of a soft contact corneal reshaping study.