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  • 1989 - DARPA DICE (Initiative in Current Engineering) Program
  • 1993 - DARPA Text Program A multi-agency, multi-contractor program (TIPSTER)
  • 1994 - DARPA SBD (Simulation Based Design) project (Lockheed Martin
  • 1997 - DARPA Rapid Design Exploration and Optimization (RaDEO) project
  • 2000 - NIST ATP Federated Intelligent Product EnviRonment (FIPER) project


Neelima Kanuri, Ian R. Grosse, Jack C. Wileden, Wei-Shan Chiang "Ontologies And Fine-Grained Control Over Sharing Of Engineering Modeling Knowledge In A Web Based Engineering Environment", 2005 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

Yan Wang, Bart O. Nnaji, Wei-Shan Chiang "Document-Driven Design For Distributed Cad Services In Service-Oriented Architecture", ASME 2005 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference

Brett A. Wujek, Patrick N. Koch, Mark McMillan, Wei-Shan Chiang "A Distributed, Component-Based Integration Environment For Multidisciplinary Optimal and Quality Design - AIAA 2002 conference"

Brett Wujek, Patrick N. Koch, and Wei-Shan Chiang "A Workflow Paradigm For Flexible Design Process Configuration In FIPER" - AIAA 2000 conference  

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W.S. Chiang and J. Czechowski, "Wrapper Code Generator", DICE Brochures, Mini  Plans and Architecture User Manuals, CERC Office of Publications and Program Advancement, June, 1990.

Qualification Highlights

  • Technical Evangelism

  • Organizational Development

  • Hands-on Team Leadership

  • Assisting Major Account Establishment

  • Mentoring "Customer-Centric Marketing"

  • Fluent in English and Chinese


“Wei-Shan is a superb architect in enterprise systems. He is well-versed in the latest technologies and has an unique capability to identify the most efficient technologies and the best technical approaches to meet various product requirements, resulting in tremendous savings in development cost and time to market. His contribution to the company's intellectual property value is invaluable.” June 28, 2010

Siu Tong, CEO, Engineous Softwaremanaged Wei-Shan indirectly at Engineous Software

“I have been in the software development business for 27 years. Wei-Shan is the most gifted software architect/designer that I have seen. He is a visionary that can evaluate emerging technologies and pick the best to solve a class of problems. For example, he was a leader is picking Java EE to use as the backbone for distributed problem solving in a heterogeneous environment. He is a talented manager that truly cares for his direct reports and their development while at the same time meeting all performance targets and deadlines. He has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage geographically dispersed development teams in India, Japan, China and the US.” May 5, 2010

David Powell, Vice President of Software Development, Engineous Softwaremanaged Wei-Shan at Engineous Software


  • Entrepreneurial mindset with strong technical leadership and management skills.
  • Proven ability of bring product vision to commercial realization.
  • Proven record of building product development and offshore development organization to contribute to the company's growth.
  • Aptitude for identifying and exploiting opportunities quickly, implementing corrective action as needed and developing tools and programs that improve performance of business initiatives and product development/requirements analyses.
  • Successfully held every position within both product development and technology tracks, serving effectively as: Sr. Software Engineer, Manager of Systems Architect, Director of Product Development, Technical Consultant and CTO.
  • With 20+ years of technical expertise in system integration, distributed computing environment, component based design, and workflow etc, combined with extensive customer interaction and field support background.

Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Vice President R&D

PERA Global

In charge of 100+ people R&D and Product Development organization of Pera Global Corp, also serve as the Corp Chief Architect for entire product lines. As the key person to set the Corp technical direction, also heavily involved in the high-level business activities with key customers and technology partners.

Aug 2008Nov 2009

Technical Director, CTO Office

SIMULIA Corp. Dassault Systèmes, Cary, NC

Dassault Systèmes (DS), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, acquire Engineous Software in July 2008. The combination of SIMULIA’s domain expertise in Realistic Simulation,and industry-proven Engineous FIPER technology as well as its design performance exploration tools will provide customers with an unmatched capability for collaborative management of simulation applications, processes, data and intellectual property.


  • Actively involved in the post-acquisition "technology integration" process. Act as the internal liaison to different product teams to help them up to the speed with Isight/Fiper technology and its application.
  • Work closely with Strategy Marketing, Product Management and Product Development in the future product direction.
  • Lead the technical evaluation/discussion in the process to establish technology partnership with the 3rd party software vendor.
Oct 1996Jul 2008

CTO - FIPER Technology

Engineous Software, Inc.

Engineous Software, Inc. provides process integration and design optimization software solutions and services. The company's iSIGHT software integrates key steps in the product design process, then automates and executes those steps through design exploration tools like optimization, DOE, and DFSS techniques. The FIPER infrastructure links these processes together in a unified environment. Through FIPER, models, applications and "best" processes are easily shared, accessed, and executed with other engineers, groups, and partners. I am the original inventor of Engineous FIPER Technology. This technology is adopted worldwide as leader in the “Process Integration and Design Optimization” (PIDO) market.



oEstablish/manage Product development team successfully both in US and in China to deliver company’s next-generation products – iSIGHT/FD and FIPER.

oLead company R&D team successfully complete NIST ATP funded – FIPER program and achieve program goal to deliver a commercial product at the end of program.

oEstablish CTO working group to exchange ideas and concepts related to the FIPER architecture and technology issues.

oEstablish FIPER demo lab to assist business promotion and interaction mechanism with technical partners.

oPlay key role in formulating the FIPER product direction and technology strategy.

oAssist company’s Founder on pursuing future research funding opportunity (such as NIST ATP).

oAssist/drive technology patent application process.

oAct as internal technical consultant to development organization on FIPER development matters, especially relating to defining future strategy, product specifications and product architecture requirements.

oParticipate in strategic project/product/technology planning with senior company management by providing insights into advanced technology identification, evaluation and selection.

oAuthor white papers on key technical topics of strategic interest to Engineous management and customers.

ii.External (Vendor Partners, Technical Community and University)

oAct as the Engineous technical manager of the IBM/Engineous strategy partnership and provide technical leadership on various technical discussions. (Like GRID computing, and PLM strategy, etc.)

oAct as lead technical liaison to develop and grow strategic partnerships and alliances with 3rd party vendors and University research programs/centers.

oIndustrial Advisory Board member of NFS eDesign Center Program.

oParticipate in the technical conferences and technical community (e.g. OMG KBE, IBM Web Services Council and CAE framework council) to promote FIPER technology.

oParticipate in meetings with industrial analysts (e.g. CPDA).

iii.Customer (Field Operation)

oEstablish offshore development team - develop FIPER solution component, applications to support Asia and Europe field operations.

oWork directly on customer sites and lead/support actions as required to insure success of FIPER project execution.

oAct as senior technical consultant to scope and advise regarding the implementation/installation/completion of large FIPER projects:

§Customers like: KAI, EU VIVACE project, Alenia, Airbus ATOME, Samsung SAIT, NEC MAZDA project, Honeywell PDG, P&W FIPER evaluation, LMI IPCM project, etc.

Jul 1996Oct 1996

Principal Engineer, Product Development

IsoQuest, Inc., Fairfax, VA


• Developed a Natural Language based search engine product - NetOwl.

Mar 1996Jun 1996

Senior Member of Professional Staff, Intelligent Information System Division, Natural Language Processing Department.

Systems Research and Applications Corporation


• Developed Chinese Natural Language Processing development software based on the SRA’s NameTag engine and TurboTag Developer’s Environment GUI.

• Developed Japanese Natural Language Processing software to translate English word to Japanese Katakana.

Sep 1994Mar 1996

Senior Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Center

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Company, Inc.


•Participated in the Intelligent Media Agents for Network Navigation project. Performed system architecture design and in charge of developing media agent infrastructure that uses consumer shopping behavior models to target specific products for the online shopping users.

•Lead/manage the NetBuilder development project team. NetBuilder, part of DARPA SBD (Simulation Based Design) contract, supports graphical megaprogramming, and “programming wrapper” to link 3rd party programs into a megaprogram. A completed megaprogram can be filed for future re-use and execute. NetBuilder uses CORBA/Orbix as its underline distributed computing infrastructure.

-Performed system design and data model analysis, led team to implement and maintain the NetBuilder.

-Directed technical approaches and assigned work of the team members.

-Performed demonstrations, answered customer questions and supported in user training.

•Participated in a cross-departmental Optical-Mechanical design project.

-Developed an advanced computational infrastructure in supporting multidiscipline data sharing and automatic data transfer among several engineering analysis disciplines.

•Participated in the NASA Ames funded Genie project and Space Imaging Inc. funded Customer Service Center (CSC) prototype project.

-Implemented an agent-based Tcl/Tk software, it was selected by the customer for showing at the GIS/LIS 1994 conference in Phoenix and it was also shown at the 3th i-SAIRAS 94 symposium in Pasadena.

-    Implemented a simulation clock agent and a weather agent using KAPI/KQML/KIF agent message protocol.

Aug 1989Aug 1994

Senior Programmer/Analyst

General Electric Global Research Center


·Participated in the "TIPSTER - data extraction" ARPA contract, developed and designed shared modules and common architecture components using object-oriented design mythology and tools.

-Re-engineering GE's Lisp version NLToolset package with OOA/OOD, OMT/Rumbaugh and C++ programming language.

-Developed a Graphical User Interface to the GE/CMT Tipster Shogun multi-lingual natural language system. This interface was selected to be exhibited in the featured demonstration session at the 1993 ARPA Workshop on Human Language Technology.

-In charge of Japanese language microelectronics domain data extraction system development. At TIPSTER phase 1 final benchmark evaluation, the system finished at the top place.

·As a key member of the Information Architecture and Management Program (IAMP), developed and implemented "Wrapper Framework" under the DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering (DICE) project.

-Designed and implemented Wrapper Toolkit package, which can read in both “C” and “Fortran” source code and generated wrapped function package automatically to be used in a set of supported frameworks, such as: publicly available spreadsheet calculator “sc”, calculator program “GNU Calc”, the commercial programs “Aster*x”, “Xess” and “Matlab”. The generated wrapper can also embed NCS/RPC or TCP/IP socket code to facilitate the communications among the host frameworks and the DICE services.

-Designed and implemented CEW (Concurrent Engineering Workstation), an integrated computing environment for the engineering design, analysis, and documentation. It uses a 3rd party Aster*x spreadsheet software package and custom dialog boxes for its host environment. The framework uses wrapper toolkit to wrap a set of external functions, such as Unigraphics, PATRAN, ANSYS, and Automated Design Synthesis (ADS) package.

-    Developed a spreadsheet based engineering framework - ASPRIN (A SPReadsheet INtegration environment for engineering), it can work with ADS optimization package. ASPRIN is built on top of a host application “Xess, the X-windows Engineering and Scientific Spreadsheet“, and using Wrapper Integration technology to incorporate new tools or existing foreign tools into the host application of user's choice. This work was implemented using the GNU's EPOCH (an X-based emacs).

Jun 1985May 1989

Research Graduate Assistant

Rensselaer Design Research Center


• Participated in the research areas, where used X Windows and an object-oriented engineering database system (ROSE) to build a generic graphical user interface management system in the concurrent engineering environments.

• Developed a graphical schema editor for the DARPA DICE project to create data object’s schema in the ROSE database.

• Utilized GE’s CHIDE system and X Windows to develop a graphical state tree editor.

• Master Project: Designed and implemented an interactive graphic attribute editor for the IBM's Geometric Design Processor (GDP) - a solid modeling package. It facilitates adding/updating property specifications, such as material characteristic for manufacture process and light source for rendering, to a given solid model.


Aug 1984Dec 1989


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute