Located in Hackensack, New Jersey, Writer’s Relief, Inc., strives to build close, meaningful relationships with its clients. The company possesses a personalized approach to its business because it recognizes that a singular approach does not work for everyone. Writer’s Relief has also tailored its services to reflect this philosophy. From the comprehensive Full Service option to the basic, yet highly effective A La Carte selection, Writer’s Relief offers its clients choices to fit preferences and budgets. 

The company was founded in 1994, when President Ronnie L. Smith helped a friend submit her poetry to a professional venue. The friend was quite pleased to forgo the lengthy process of determining the proper venue for her work. It was this aspect that helped launch Writer’s Relief. Upon completion of a literary work, writers must then search for an agent or editor to review the piece. With thousands of such professionals in business, this can be overwhelming. Writers must also contemplate the composition of a professional and strategic cover letter, forming personalized addresses, the creation of mailing labels, sending envelopes, tracking submissions, and following responses. In total, the submission process may encompass a significant amount of time. 

The efficiency in Writer’s Relief services is attractive to many writers. Not only does the company possess the capabilities to complete the submission process quickly but also the comprehension of proper avenues for literary works. Writer’s Relief maintains a database with pertinent information on the thousands of editors, agents, and journals in the marketplace. The company also makes sure to track comments and feedback to gain a fuller understanding of each entity. Broad and effective knowledge of the industry is a key component to the company’s success.

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Work experience

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