Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2009 - Present

Strategic Team Leader

PR Open Mic

During the week of April 20th, 2009, I served as the Strategic Team Leader for PR Open Mic. 

My class was responsible for creating all of the content that would appear on the social networking site and it was my responsibility to create and execute a plan for the week as well as track the progress of my classmates to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

The week proved to be a success; during the week we were in control, traffic rose 75% on the site. For more information about my role during this endeavor, read my blog post regarding the week.

Nov 2009 - Present

Combat Engineer

United States Army

I am serving as the Unit Armorer for Alpha Company, 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division.

Everyday, I learn lessons in tactical environments while gaining a greater understanding for discipline and responsibility. I am responsible for the maintenance and accountability for our company's weapons and high-value items.

As a Specialist, I am counted on by Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers to uphold and maintain division standards and set the example for younger soldiers.

Nov 2008 - Nov 2009

Sales Associate - Keyholder

Radio Shack

Sales have helped me refine my people skills through being a better listener and learning how to deal with difficult people.  It is very goal oriented which fits well with my personality. I set high benchmarks and do everything in my power to achieve them.

Every week the district posts a Top Ten list for associates in the district for various categories.  I am consistently on multiple lists and have received many congratulatory remarks from the store manager as well as store managers from other locations. 

I am also a keyholder for the store meaning that I am responsible for opening and/or closing the store and doing the cash deposit on nights that I close.

Jan 2009 - Nov 2009

Writer, Social Media Consultant

Daily O'Collegian

As a staff writer I have produced a number of stories including two that have appeared on the front page. Other articles I have written include a profile of a local band, reviews of live events and news stories covering the goings-on of our campus.

As the Social Media Consultant, I am part of a small group that coordinates the Twitter feeds and the information that is released and sent on a daily basis.  Because this is a new medium, we are still learning how to be most successful, but are committed to the project.

Aug 2008 - Dec 2008

Assistant Football Coach

Stillwater Junior High

Coaching is one of my great passions.  I love the game of football and I love to teach it.  Learning fundamentals is key in every career, but being able to teach a skill or craft is important not only now, but in the future when it is my turn to teach my skills to other people. I believe in hard work and determination and try to inspire those values in all of my teams.

In 2008, I helped coach the team to a 5-3 record.

Aug 2005 - Jul 2008

Equipment Manager

Syracuse University Football

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As an equipment manager, I learned that it takes the effort of every cog in a machine for it to run smoothly. I was responsible for facilitating all of the running back drills and most team drills. On game day I would assist on the sidelines doing a variety of tasks.  In the off-season I assisted Coach Randy Trivers with clerical work and was allowed to serve as a coach during two high school camps.

Aug 2007 - Dec 2007

PR/Advertising Intern

I worked with the owner of Gamerosters to help promote product using message boards.

Also prepared a full media kit that was sent to publications for exposure.

Apr 2007 - Aug 2007

Public Relations Intern

Onondaga County Government

I worked in the Employee Wellness Program and coordinated the special projects for the summer. This included planning and executing health walks.  Educating employees about healthy diet and exercise habits and most importantly I planned and managed team Onondaga County in the 2007 Chase Corporate Challenge.

The most useful thing that I took away from my experience here was learning that I had no desire to work in a non-profit organization.  I feel that promotion is a give and take, and in non-profits, there is often very little to give.


Aug 2008 - Present

I was in my fourth year and very happy with my decision to transfer to Oklahoma State before leaving to serve in the Military.  I have met some excellent faculty who have been quintessential to my success so far in the classroom.  

I remain especially interested in Social Media after being introduced to the field by Bill Handy, OSU professor. What began with blogging and Twitter has become a passion that I will pursue in my professional life. 

Aug 2005 - Jul 2008

Syracuse University

After three years in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, I decided to transfer to Oklahoma State due to personal reasons.




I have never had problems with the initial brainstorming process. I have issues keeping a focused piece and using correct grammar. I am currently writing for the Daily O'Collegian so I can practice and get better.

Microsoft Excel

Excel has always given me problems, I can create spreadsheets and simple graphs, but I have trouble with the advanced techniques.

Social Media

I have extensive experience in using various Social Media sites.   More Importantly, I understand how to execute strategic campaigns while using Social Media including the incorporation of Twitter, Ning (social networking), Wetpaint (wiki) and the importance of evaluating techniques.

Adobe Creative Suite

Examples of my work are under the "Works on Display" section.

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