Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2008 - Dec 2011

Station Action Team Coordinator (Retired)

Office of Security Strategy & Special Operations

Station Action Team Coordinators utilize an all hazards approach to conduct coordination and liaison with all station and high priority facility stakeholders to ensure communications, physical security, cyber-security, continuity of operations, and emergency response plans to defend against, deter, and as necessary help respond to and recover from man-initiated attack and natural disaster.

Other responsibilities included planning and facilitating tabletop exercises and drills compliant with the Homeland Security Emergency Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines to improve on-site incident management and first responders’ familiarity at these facilities.

Because of my technical background I advised Amtrak management and supported project managers as a technical security expert on federally funded security projects requiring CCTV security surveillance, access control, and target hardening (e.g., perimeter fencing, lighting, and blast counter measures).  Additionally, because of my terrorism training background I provided International and Domestic Terrorism awareness training for Amtrak employees in support of the “See Something – Say Something” program which teaches employees how to identify behavioral indicators of a pre-attack surveillance.

May 1990 - Feb 2008

Senior Special Agent/Manager Technical Services

Amtrak - Office of Inspector General

As a Special Agent assigned to the OIG, I conducted numerous complicated fraud investigations resulting in criminal and civil prosecutions, monetary recoveries, administrative terminations and policy changes.  These fraud investigations included, but were not limited too, financial, computer, telecommunications, contractual and procurement violations of Federal, State and local criminal statutes.  While with the OIG I had the highest conviction, and confession ratio per investigator assigned to the Office of Investigations.  In addition to handling a heavy caseload, I was also Manager of Technical Services for the OIG.  As Manager of Technical Services I provided computer forensics, and electronic surveillance support to criminal investigations conducted by the OIG and other Federal agencies.  As Chief Firearms Instructor I was responsible for coordinating and conducting quarterly and monthly firearms training for all Deputized Special Agents assigned to the OIG.  This included PPC qualifications, down and disabled shooting, judgmental and tactical shooting, both dynamic and static courses.

Sep 1980 - May 1990

Detective Sergeant

Amtrak Police Department - CID

While with the Criminal Investigations Division I supervised other investigators of the Major Crimes Unit - Region 1, with offices located in Boston, MA, New Haven CT, and Providence, RI.  I supervised the day-to-day operations of the unit, which included case management, physical and electronic surveillances in support of criminal investigations; drug interdictions at passenger rail stations, evaluated evidence developed during investigations and provided special events/VIP protection.  Other duties included preparing manpower reports, case progress reports, supervisory review of all investigators’ criminal investigative reports to include applications/affidavits for subpoenas, search and arrest warrants, and criminal complaints.


Jan 1992 - Present


Association of Certified Fraud Examiners