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 Transformational Commercialization Strategist & Revenue Generation Expert in the Technology Products Industry with demonstrated success ranging from startup to $840M global businesses. Proven performance achieving and managing revenue goals, having a track record in multiple organizations; attracting, recruiting, and mentoring teams; and establishing the infrastructure that has resulted in multi-million-dollar growth while developing and maximizing profitability. Tenacious at developing new revenue opportunities, securing customer loyalty, and forging long term relationships with internal and external business partners that fortify, drive, and sustain growth. 


Achievement Categories

  • Sales Transformation
  • Sales Development
  • Market Penetration
  • Turnaround
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales / Operational Planning
  • Funding & Capitalization
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Training & Development

Work experience


Director of Sales Americas


Gerstel, GmbH, Mulheim de Ruhr, Germany

Parent Company Profile: A Scientific Laboratory Equipment / Analytical Instrumentation company with 160 employees.

Divisional Profile: GERSTEL, Inc., is the US division responsible for North, Central, and South American sales of GERSTEL GmbH products.

Responsibility Profile: Reporting to the President with full responsibility for all revenue generation activity, leading sales thru both direct and indirect sales channels, and the management of employees.

  • Sales Transformation / Market Penetration / Culture Change: Recruited by the President to serve on the executive management team and lead sales growth. Investigation revealed deep discounting, which was ineffective; a chaotic sales organization with a lack of sales SOP, targeting, or market strategy; and an average industry decline of ~12%, all of which hindered recovery. Built and trained on SOP, CRM, forecasting, and customer reengagement. Replaced underperformers. Developed and led a customer penetration strategy. These efforts more than doubled quotes to new customers, increased accuracy of sales forecast & of ERP, improved close ratios by 27%, and delivered 17% higher gross profit.



Sr. Director of Business Development & Operational Strategist

RBR Development Company

A Strategy/Business Management, Sales, and Operations Improvement firm. 

Responsible for securing new business, then creating strategic and tactical business plans used by OEM B2B and B2C product companies.

Scope of Responsibilities & Achievements: Served as principal strategist to offer and lead turnaround of manufacturing organizations. Led multiple sales, restructuring, and operational planning initiatives, which resulted in sales and profit restoration for clients. The following are select examples:

  •  Turnaround / Organizational Restructuring / Revenue Optimization: Recruited by the Founder of a $70M manufacturing organization to build a turnaround strategy. Investigation revealed the need to diversify revenue streams, rationalize product lines, and restructure sales and marketing. Developed a plan, identified and outlined functions and resources. Targeted market segments and mapped the new infrastructure for product development, manufacturing/operations, marketing, sales, and customer service. This plan drove sales 28% over 3 years, leading to the company becoming a successful takeover target, acquired at an impressive multiple over market EBITDA by a global industrial company.


  • Reorganization / Business Transformation: Tasked by the CEO of a scientific equipment company to instill order. Identified a dysfunctional leadership team, with no established growth strategy and poor communication. Developed and presented a strategic and tactical blueprint, designed organizational redevelopment plan with accountability and best practices in executive leadership, customer engagement, product development, and product launch. This plan targeted an aggressive goal to more than double revenue and increase market share 20% over 3 years.


  • Operational Restructuring / Funding & Capitalization: Invited by the Founder/CEO of a semiconductor test products company to build a strategy to restore revenue and growth. Investigation revealed a lack of strategic growth and scalability planning, esoteric product technology, a weak bench, and infrastructure issues within multiple functional areas, notably sales and manufacturing. Developed and presented a solution within 45 days to standardize products and improve capacity, sales, marketing, and manufacturing operations while removing growth obstacles. As a result, the company was able to attract outside funding with a projected 38% increase in revenue and an operational savings of 18% over 2 years.


  • Business Development / New Market Penetration / Product Development / Compliance: Asked by the CEO of a medical device company to expand the product platform to address field portable applications for the Department of Defense (DoD), Emergency Medical/First Responder, and home healthcare markets. Developed and implemented strategic and tactical plans that leveraged core technology. Led business development, QA, QC, product safety, and product platform expansion. Negotiated contracts with outsourced partners; Co-authored the DoD proposal for additional project funding; Delivered and implemented FDA compliant design control, documentation and manufacturing procedures.

Senior Executive

QA Technology Company, Inc.

A $25M Test & Measurement Equipment and Electronic Products company with 40 employees.     

Director of Sales & Marketing, IntegraMate Interconnect Group (2002 – 2006)

$25M OPEX, $3M CAPEX, and $23M Revenue Goal. Responsible for the design, manufacture, marketing and sales aspects of IntegraMate product families.

Director of New Business Development (1997 – 2002)

$17M OPEX, $3M CAPEX, $15M Revenue Goal. Responsible for product, market, and revenue stream diversification.


  • Business Development / New Market Penetration / Sales Capture Strategy: Promoted by the President to lead marketing and sales for the IntegraMate Interconnect Group. Identified markets, functions & resources, created and managed multiple product family portfolios that had to be backwards compatible with an entrenched competitor. Managed a matrix organization, implemented product development, KOL, patenting, branding, and launch. Crafted and implemented all marketing, sales and product development plans. Built 2 new customer bases with 400+ accounts within 2 niche markets valued at $245M with a 10% CAGR, resulting in additional diversification of products, revenue streams and markets.


  • Strategic Planning / Revenue Capture Strategy: Recruited by the President as the US market for its core products was in decline. Tasked to investigate new markets and deliver a new product that could be produced with high-volume automation. Developed, implemented and led organic product development and also acquisition, licensing, partnerships, and venture deals. The new test products transformed a 30% sales erosion of core products into ~$3M new revenue at 14% net profit in a specialized niche market worth $95M growing at a 13% CAGR.

President, CEO & Founder

Medical Products Development Corporation

A $1M Strategy Consulting / Business Management Consulting / Outsourced Product Development company.                

$1M OPEX, $1M Revenue Goal. Responsible for all aspects of the company.

Scope of Responsibilities & Achievements: Partnered with C-Suite executives across multiple technology industries. Clients obtained value through new revenue growth, new product introductions, new market penetrations, improved sales effectiveness, and streamlined manufacturing operations. The following are select examples:


  • Business / Product / Operational Planning: Invited by the CEO of a medical products company to reformulate their business and operational plans centered around the transition of product design and manufacturing from semi-manual assembly to high-volume automation. In 90 days, led market, product, manufacturing, and operational analysis. Planned new products and channels, including the World Health Organization. Designed product, manufacturing and operational plans, and created new marketing and sales strategies. This drove revenue 50%, grew market share by 38%, and increased net profit 71% over 2 years while slashing manufacturing costs ~50%. The company was acquired within 2 years.


  • Product Design Innovation / Services Strategy: Commissioned by the President/CEO of an instrumentation company to devise a solution after consistent field failures of its flagship product. In the first 2 months, led diagnosis and discovered inherent design flaws; devised and trained ~40 field service engineers in a retrofit process. Achieved customer acceptance, which restored customer confidence and brand image. Retained ~12M in ongoing sales, or ~50% of top-line revenue. This contributed to the company being acquired by a global organization in their sector.


  • Organizational Development / Product Development / New Market Penetration: Called upon by the President of a medical imaging company to develop a new product based on nascent and proprietary technology and introduce it into an emerging market with the goal of a liquidity event within 5 years. Developed a business plan for a brand-new cardiac scanner that targeted a new market segment. Led product design and secured FDA approval. Created the sales and marketing strategy, then built and led the sales and marketing team. Led market penetration efforts and achieved the 2-year revenue goal of $2M within 18 months. The company was acquired by a large medical device company within 3 years.




University of Rochester


Challenge, growth, and the ability to make immediate and major contributions that yield lasting value are my prime motivators.  My interest lies in an executive or senior level functional leadership role in Sales, Marketing, or Business Development within a start-up to a $300M company, or a division of a larger organization.