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Work experience


Director of Sales Americas


A sub $25M sales division of GERSTEL, GmbH, a sub $100M company that develops, produces, and markets scientific laboratory equipment across multiple industries.


Invited by the President to lead the division. Member of the executive team and Board of Directors. Led a 32-person team of 3 regional managers, 5 direct sales associates and 8 manufacturer’s representative groups in North America, and 16 distributor groups covering Mexico, Latin America, Central America and South America.

  • Brought order to a chaotic sales organization; realigned sales operations; replaced 3 out of 5 direct sales associates; eliminated sales team attrition; and redirected the team to drive change and stimulate topline revenue at a time when the industry suffered an ~12% declin
  • Created and implemented a new business development plan to secure new customers, go deeper and broader into existing accounts, and reinvigorate sales to dormant clients.
  • Inspired the sales team to work with our customers as business partners, think strategically, and enhance their ability to qualify and close prospective opportunities. This increased the number of quotes to new customers by 130%, raised the average close ratio by 27%, and increased the company’s gross profit margin by 17%.
  • Reduced the number of field service calls by 15%, and improved customer goodwill.
  • Built a team-centric salesforce by instituting new training and coaching programs based on the RAIN Sales Methodology; and holding monthly web-based interactive meetings where internal chemists and product marketing personnel shared their knowledge of products and their market applicability with the sales group.
  • Changed the sales culture to one based on expectations, accountability, transparency, and repeatable and scalable processes. Instilled a decision-making process and drove behavioral change based on data, analytics and metrics.
  • Devised and implemented new protocols for use of the CRM: Increased the granularity and accuracy of sales forecasts by 100%; improved accuracy of ERP and an ~8% reduction in inventory; and a more proactive response to market demands.



Senior Director of Business Development

RBR Development Company

Specialized in analyzing business issues; and presenting pathways to proactively and reactively resolve problems. Supported companies operating in multiple advanced technology industries.


Created strategic and tactical business plans used by OEM B2B and B2C product companies to manage change, improve operations, develop new ventures, expand their geographic footprint, strengthen sales and marketing, brand or rebrand, and improve channel management.


Select Achievements:

  • Provided the vision, developed and introduced a tactical blueprint, and outlined the transition of Mouse Specifics, a scientific equipment company from an insular culture to one that embodied a cooperative and collaborative management style that would enable increased revenue, personnel accountability, customer follow-up, and new product introduction. A 120% increase in revenue and a 20% increase in market share over 3 years was expected.
  • Invited to serve as Vice President of Market Development by the CEO of Fluidnet, a venture-capital-backed, pre-revenue, early stage medical device company engaged in producing a new type of infusion therapy p
  • Guided business development, quality assurance, product safety, and regulatory compliance initiatives, and developed ways to expand the product platform to address applications for the Department of Defense (DOD), Emergency Medical/First Responder, and home healthcare markets.
  • Created and implemented FDA compliant design control, documentation and manufacturing procedures.
  • Co-wrote the DOD proposal to fund a portable device used to treat trauma patients under battlefield conditions.
  • Created plans to stabilize revenue; rationalize product lines; restructure marketing, sales and customer service; acquire new accounts; and grow market share for Plastican, a company that did injection molding of industrial containers. After being implemented by the management team, topline revenue grew 28%.
  • Devised plans to diversify ARC Technologies, a provider of EMI & RFI shielding products from its historic focus on the defense industry into other commercial industries, including portable electronic devices and medical equipment. Execution of the plan projected an increase in topline revenue of 46% over 3 years.
  • Formulated plans to expand into untapped markets, capitalize on global sales opportunities, restructure the sales team, standardize product lines, and streamline manufacturing for Paricon Technologies, a test products company. New revenue generation equal to 38% of current sales and operational savings of 18% over 2 years was anticipated.



Director of Sales & Marketing - IntegraMate Interconnect Group

QA Technology Company, Inc.

Promoted. Drove a second diversification effort targeted at the OEM medical device, scientific equipment, factory automation, MIL/space/aero and mass interconnect industries; and at the Electronic Manufacturing Services/ Contract Electronic Manufacturing (EMS/CEM) industry.

  • Identified 2 niche markets valued at $245M with a 10% CAGR; and led the development and introduction of a new category of OEM and end-use products to meet their demands.
  • Managed a matrixed organization, and led the design, manufacture, marketing and sales aspects of all products. Created and managed 5 product family portfolios, established and positioned the brand, set pricing, determined strategies and timing, chose territories, and assigned sales quotas.
  • Introduced gated product design, obtained patent protection for the product and manufacturing processes, launched a CRM program, and built 2 new customer bases of 400+ accounts.
  • Transformed the culture to a solution based, consultative focus from a product based, transactional focus.



Director of New Business Development

QA Technology Company, Inc.

Privately held, family run manufacturer of test and interconnect products with >$20M in annual revenue; and serving customers in the US, Japan and Asia. 


Senior Executive hired to diversify the company into new markets with new products. Championed change leadership.  Developed, implemented, and led growth initiatives; identified and capitalized on commercially viable opportunities. Interacted with investment banks, Angel and VC investors and similar financial entities to negotiate agreements.

  • Identified >40 different organic and inorganic growth opportunities that leveraged the company’s core strengths.
  • Explored products that could be developed and produced in-house, the potential to license technology that could be the basis of a new product line, investment opportunities as a corporate venture partner, functioning as a VAR (Value Added Reseller), and acquiring other companies.
  • Negotiated a combination of 7 M&A, corporate venture funded, and academic technology licensing agreements. 
  • Uncovered a niche market worth $95M; and led the development and launch of the required specialized products. Contributed ~$3M in new revenue over 5 years at 14% net profit.
  • Grew the organization from 1 product line in a single mature market with a 1.7% CAGR to a new product family in an overlooked growth market with a 13% CAGR. Achieved product, market and revenue stream diversification.



President, CEO & Founder

Medical Products Development Corporation

A $1M management consulting, market development and product design firm that partnered with C-suite executives, presidents and senior level managers in OEM B2B and B2C startup, growth, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

Led 20 professionals and partnering with medical device, scientific equipment, analytical instrumentation, and test and measurement companies. Delivered >$100M in value through new revenue growth, new product introductions, new market penetrations, improved salesforce effectiveness and streamlined manufacturing operations.


Select Achievements:

  • Reformulated the strategic business plan for Omega Medical Systems, a $6M growth stage therapeutic products company. During the 2-year project, grew revenue by 50%, market share 38% and net profit 71%.
  • Headed a team that developed a blood test module and related consumables for a $245K clinical chemistry analyzer produced by an $840M division of Johnson & Johnson. Across the 3-year contract, delivered $120M in sales (representing a 30% global market share).
  • Led development of a $140K cardiac scanner based on proprietary nuclear medicine technology for BIOS, Inc. Hired and managed the sales team; targeted GPOs, physicians and hospital administrators. Penetrated a new market segment; and achieved the 2-year $2M revenue goal within 18 months.
  • Resolved premature failure problems on 2 core product lines for a $45M scientific instrumentation business. In the 1-year engagement, reestablished the brand’s image, restored customer confidence, and enabled retention of $12M in ongoing business.
  • Introduced kits for onsite postsurgical equipment refurbishment for a $25M division of Pfizer. The 2-year project cut equipment downtime 40% and hospital repair costs 60%.  Also added $1M in sales revenue at 32% net profit.
  • Spearheaded development of a wearable drug infusion pump based on proprietary elastomeric technology for a $320M division of Xerox. During the 2-year involvement, conducted market research, technical analysis, competitive product evaluation and field trials. Developed marketing plans valued at $160M.




University of Rochester


I am an interactive, integrative, collaborative and consultative senior-level leader whose adaptable, relatable and repeatable business experience has developed, implemented and led programs that have achieved diversified growth, driven top-line revenue, bottom-line profit, market share growth and shareholder value through innovative, visionary, dynamic and adaptive thought leadership.


As a business focused, performance based and accountability driven leader, I create value by thinking deeply, yet quickly, to grasp complex business situations; then build, train, coach, enable and lead diverse cross-functional and cross-cultural teams to develop and implement programs that capitalize on market opportunities with customer-centric solutions that are timely, profitable and resource sensitive.


By leveraging expertise in business development, sales, marketing, strategy, P&L and general management, with experience in manufacturing, finance, product development and operations, my leadership has increased top-line revenue, bottom-line profit, customer acquisition, market share growth and new product introduction for entrepreneurial, growth stage and established companies.   My domain experience spans several technology industry verticals, notably medical devices, scientific instrumentation, high-performance interconnects and test and measurement equipment.


Challenge, growth, and the ability to make immediate and major contributions that yield lasting value are my prime motivators.  My interest lies in an executive or senior level functional leadership role in Marketing, Sales or Business Development within a start-up to a $300M company, or a division of a larger organization.