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Work experience

Assistant to the President

Ohio Savings and Loan League


WLP Management Consulting

Senior Vice President

Ohio Bankers League, 501(c) 6 business trade association

Vice President

Ohio League of Financial Institutions



I graduated from OWU with a 3.2 accumulative grade point average based on a 4.0 system.  I earned Dean's List recognition for multiple quarters.  I was a Pi Sigma Alpha honors graduate in my political science major and also wrote for our school newspaper, the Transcript.  I participated in varsity cross country and track and received a varsity letter in the former in my freshman year.  I was also a member of the Theta chapter of the Beta Theta Pi national fraternity.


University of Georgia

This was an intense continuing education program on association management co-sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that included extensive background reading with classroom lectures and discussions. Attendance included association and chamber of commerce executives from across the country.


Ohio Savings & Loan Academy

The Academy was a three-year residence school in savings & loan operations and management where the faculty consisted of members from the business school of New York University as well as The Ohio State University. It was held near the campus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I attended with other financial institution officers learning first-hand the various facets of the day-to-day operations and management of a financial institution as well as a broad perspective of the industry's positioning as a player in the nation's financial institutions' marketplace including business strategies, residential/commercial lending, marketing and regulatory compliance.


Education Director/Event Planning and Management
I have served as an industry education director for much of my career.  I quickly advanced from a support role gaining and absorbing knowledge, learning by doing in a variety of coordinating tasks as assigned demanding ever-increasing responsibilities.  Soon recognized by superiors and peers for my thoroughness, attention to detail, work ethic, growing expertise and passion for excellence I was granted increasing independence and management/decision-making responsibilities and quickly became a trusted and respected member of the senior management team and executive officer designation of the organization.    In 1981, I was officially named Convention Director, a departmental responsibility assigned to me in addition to my concurrent service as Assistant to the President as well as Communications Director.  As Convention Director, I became involved in all facets of the site selection (contract negotiations, nurturing hospitality contacts and relationships), planning (logistics, travel options, hotel arrangements), designing (speaker bureaus, fee speaker and topic selection, meeting format), coordination (VIPs, speakers, vendors, subcontractors, sponsors), budgeting (working within a limited budget, establishing stable fee schedules, securing sponsorships and negotiating as many complimentary hotel services as possible), and execution (customer service excellence, protecting all parties, limiting liability) of the largest and most visible educational/informational membership meeting for the organization.  Serving a diverse and demanding membership base, the challenge was always designing and delivering a quality, relevant and smooth-running event annually in accordance to a particular theme inclusive of timely speakers and topics at a quality facility where first-class service was paramount.  This required constant due diligence in tracking the hospitality industry on the status and maintenance of select facilities in Ohio and across the U.S., following industry trends so as to present cutting-edge programming, constantly searching and building a respected and knowledgeable bank of speakers/presenters from all disciplines at the best prices, and directing and inspiring a staff of subordinates and participating partners to achieve organizational objectives.    As my experience and expertise grew, I also designed and orchestrated the organization's first ever out-of-state convention (first in 1986 and another solo effort in 1990) and then began a new era regularly partnering with other states (beginning in 1994) to present even larger, joint, regional events at prestigious four- and five-star hotels and resorts across the U.S.  I also used this expertise assuming the lead role in orchestrating the industry's memorable Centennial Celebration event designing a program that was not only historically significant but politically correct in inviting and recognizing all important industry pioneers and veterans as well as necessary and appropriate dignitaries.    My expertise, reputation and growing institutional knowledge evolved and expanded after being named Education Director in 1993.  On a smaller scale yet at greater frequency I monitored industry trends presenting an ambitious calendar of educational programming to include one-day "hot topic" classroom seminars, mulitple-day topical and singularly focused conferences, and, in cooperation with other states and in response to member requests, even more cost-effective distance learning through telephone seminars and Webinars.  Always challenged to present fresh and relevant programming, I regularly collaborated with the very best industry consultants, teachers and trainers from all over the U. S. to design the most valuable and beneficial program formats possible highlighting the latest industry trends and challenges, including working with university business schools in offering participants the newest in facilities, technology as well as new, cross-industry networking opportunities.  The one-day seminars and multiple-day conferences required the same professional attention, managerial imagination and oversight and attention to detail noted above for the annual convention and other larger specialty events as well as maintaining the same high standard of excellence to preserve the organizational reputation of quality and economy.     In summary, I feel I have the experience and leadership/managerial capabilities to perform as a very competent education or training director and/or major event manager for any corporation, business trade association, educational foundation or university setting.  Such responsibilities require uniquely talented individuals with the knowledge, foresight, insight, imagination, patience, leadership, organizational and communication skills and professionalism to be successful.  My track record speaks for itself.
Communications Director/Specialist
I have performed as a communications specialist in a number of formats for over 30 years.  In my first job in government administration I was a member of the compliance section of the Bureau of Right of Way Engineering for the Ohio Department of Transportation where I was responsible for researching the reasoning behind federal highway matching fund holds/denials and then preparing and authoring rebuttal letters to secure funding reinstatements.  Notably, I was assigned some of the most difficult and complex citation letters and was able to convincingly present sound written arguments for the reinstatement of funding resulting in a very high percentage success rate.    In my next career stop, I joined a statewide business trade association and was named managing editor of a then monthly magazine for a large, statewide trade association where I served for 28 years, progressing from this base of writing and editing guest author articles for the publication (that evolved from a monthly to a bimonthly and then to a quarterly) into a myriad of other areas utilizing my communications expertise including authoring regular business correspondence as assistant to the president and CEO of the organization, independently creating and authoring a multiple page monthly membership newsletter that I wrote for over 20 years, authoring regulatory agency comment letters and legislative testimony, executive speechwriting and scriptwriting for industry executives, authoring and serving as a ghost writer of numerous banking industry background articles featured in industry trade publications and major metropolitan newspapers, authoring various marketing and promotional brochures for association educational programs, conventions and other specialized activities, served as the organization's media spokesman/liaison participating in media interviews, preparing regular press releases and providing background information to newspaper editorial boards, serving as an industry representative on panels for public information forums, preparing regular departmental Board reports for publication and presentation, serving as an industry lobbyist and staff group facilitator on a number of industry committees and ad hoc task forces where I prepared and presented status reports and even prepared Board and committee meeting minutes for the organizational archives.    As Communications Director and departmental supervisor I was able to transfer my expertise teaching, coaching and mentoring subordinates and associates with their written/oral reports into more readable and effective publications and presentations.  With such a diverse and extensive communications background and foundation, I am confident I could transition into any number of departmental and/or managerial communications positions in other business trade associations, public/private corporate environments, a governmental administration appointment, profit or non-profit entity, charitable foundation or educational setting.  Currently, I am practicing my trade as a consultant and principal for WLP Management Consulting ( specializing in communications in all formats, government relations and generalized contract management.
Senior Management Executive/Project Manager
Early on through a long career that has spanned over 25 years I earned the respect of my supervisors, peers and colleagues in other states and at the national level as a leader and consummate professional with a dedicated work ethic and passion for excellence.  Demonstrating excellent organizational skills, a keen attention to detail and superb communications skills I progressed within the organizational framework, assuming increasing responsibilities very early when the sitting President and CEO recognized my professionalism and work ethic by naming me his Assistant to the President.  In addition to assisting him in his day-to-day management/operations responsibilities, I assumed an expanded role as Communications Director, Convention Director and lobbyist.  In addition to performing various duties assigned by the chief executive, including speechwriting, project research, preparing federal regulatory agency comment letters and authoring featured industry pieces for publications as a ghost writer, I served as managing editor of the organization's in-house bimonthly (which evolved into a quarterly) magazine and created and authored a monthly membership newsletter that included legislative updates, regulatory interpretations and industry current events updates.  I also served as the organization's media spokesman participating in media interviews, preparing regular industry news releases, serving on panels for informational forums as an industry representative, and delivering presentations to affiliated industry and civic groups.    The organizational leadership also very early on entrusted me as its Convention Director where I led, coached and inspired teams in designing, coordinating and presenting quality annual information/education convention programs for hundreds of member delegates, primarily at the senior management level, at four- and five-star hotel and resort properties across the U.S.   As the organization's most visible member event, quality content, effective management and efficiency in operations were absolutely crucial to ensure success.  In both of the department head responsibilities noted, I routinely demonstrated my leadership and management capabilities with direct reports and secondary reports and earned a solid reputation with retained fee speakers from a number of disciplines across the country, facilitators, vendors and hospitality representatives as a demanding but fair project manager expecting only the best in product delivery and customer service ultimately satisfying the organizational mission leading to a very successful event conclusion.  In both my Communications Director and Convention Director roles, I regularly had to direct subordinates, contract and coordinate with outside subcontractors, prepare timetables, meet deadlines and present quality programs/products on time and within budget.     Later in my career, I assumed the additional role of Education Director assigned to turn around a demoralized, high turnover department by increasing not only the quantity of program offerings to increase income for the organization's bottom line but also the quality of offerings where the standard of excellence had declined.  All of this valuable experience and numerous examples of demonstrated quality and excellence proved my ability to frequently and successfully reinvent myself for the good of the organization and to achieve organizational objectives.  I not only dedicated myself to learning whatever was necessary to succeed in multiple areas but also excelled in every one.    For many years, I was a member of the senior management team through a series of promotions from Assistant Vice President to Assistant to the President to Vice President/COO to Senior Vice President to extended stretches as Acting CEO and multiple department mentor.  Thoroughly familiar with group dynamics, especially at the senior management level, for years I worked closely with Executive Committee members, Board of Director representatives, elected industry officers, and various committees and industry ad hoc task forces in strategic planning, program/product development, budgeting, personnel matters and public policy formation on behalf of the industry membership.   I also worked extensively with regulatory officials at all levels, legislative representatives at the state and federal levels, high-ranking governmental leaders and affiliated industry leaders and representatives in important negotiations and discussions on relevant and timely industry issues.  I have always been well-disciplined and an effective communicator with all levels of employees and management from new hires to middle managers to senior management decision-makers.  I am confident with this total package and record of service, dedication, adaptability, excellence and integrity I could transition successfully into any C-level/executive management team position or management succession scenario leading, adding value, quickly adjusting to the company culture and making an immediate impact to the organization's success.


Dr. Robert Mathis

As Education Director, I recruited Bob as a leading expert and respected academic in Human Resource Management to work with me to help resurrect and redesign a Human Resource Conference for HR practitioners in Ohio's banking industry.  As the co-author of one of the most widely used textbooks on human resource management used at colleges and universities across the U.S., Bob was at the time I worked with him and remains today a featured faculty member for the Human Resource Management School as part of the prestigious Graduate School of Banking held each year at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and supported largely by 13 states mostly in the Midwest including Ohio.  In a relatively short time, Bob and I became mutually respected educational colleagues as well as personal friends after upgrading the curriculum and boosting annual attendance for Ohio's reincarnated annual HR Conference.  He was a highly rated and engaging conference instructor and it was a pleasure and professionally rewarding for me to work with him.  Once I left my position at the Ohio Bankers League, he was not asked nor did he choose to return to the Ohio program but we have remained good friends and often share experiences.

Roger Morin

Roger was another gifted and popular seminar leader with a national reputation with whom I worked closely when I was Senior Vice President and Education Director for the Ohio Bankers League and Vice President/Education Director for a predecessor organization, the Ohio League of Financial Institutions.  I worked with Roger for over ten years in designing, planning and presenting quality banker education programs for the benefit of a wide range of banker employees, from newly hired, front line tellers and customer service representatives to seasoned veterans, branch managers, departmental managers and senior management team executives.  During our years of professional association, we also enjoyed and still enjoy a strong personal relationship of mutual respect, admiration and satisfaction after conducting dozens and dozens of highly rated  and successful programs (as evidenced by written participant evaluations) for hundreds of participants over the years as well as introducing a steady stream of new, cutting edge programming through our collaborative design efforts; programming that was picked up by my colleagues in other states across the U.S.

Robert Ullom

As one of the banking industry's most reputable and gifted trainer/educators in the country I worked with Bob in a professional role in designing quality continuing education programming for various levels of our industry's management and specialist employees. We also enjoyed a strong personal relationship, especially after I learned that we had graduated from the same high school (Delaware Hayes) and hometown university (Ohio Wesleyan University).  Although Bob is five years older, we knew and were influenced by many of the same fine teachers, professors and coaches.  We remain good friends and have communicated during my transition period.

Ken Elshoff

I worked with Ken as his assistant and fellow senior management team member for 17 years until his retirement in 1997.  Working so closely together for so many years we developed a unique bond where he watched me grow and mature as a knowledgeable and respected trade association executive and industry promoter.  Over the years through experience and mutual respect he granted me ever increasing independence along with growing responsibilities in a number of areas within the trade association where I ultimately excelled.  He had a great deal of confidence in me and in 1993 during an internal staff downsizing chose to keep me over a more senior management team member because of my  proven track record, adaptability and work ethic.  In fact, I was assigned additional responsibilities of the deposed officer in a new area and promoted.  Ken will tell you that he especially admired my writing abilities and my event management capabilities where I proved again and again my proficiency and successes in these areas.  We remained good friends and regularly communicated through his retirement years. Sadly, Ken is deceased now but his mentoring and friendship will live with me always.

Jim Kurt

I have known Jim for several years as we shared similar responsibilities but  he with another banker trade association in a neighboring state.  We collaborated on some programs and exchanged ideas on others.  There was a great deal of mutual respect between the two of us and he will tell you that I was recognized by him and other peers across the country as a knowledgeable and highly competent education director within the financial services industry.  He called upon me often and I of him to share successes, failures and best practices.  I worked with Jim to help design an annual national forum for other state banker association education directors to share ideas, best practices, discuss do's and don't's, new program design, available speaker resources, budget challenges, organizational politics and other relevant issues affecting how we conducted our respective operations and how we could improve and be more successful.  In addition to taking my turn designing this national forum of peers, I was a regular attendee/participant each year for other programs. For me, it was the most valuable professsional exchange program I attended each year.  Jim is retired now but we remain friends, communicate, and he has been most supportive.



Writing and editing, professional development, reading novels, biographies, business books, magazines, business publications and national newspapers, mentoring, coaching, walking, biking, weightlifting, all sports, yard work and beautification, and tending to a very large family of pets including three parrots (African grey, blue and gold macaw, green-winged macaw), four dogs, three cats and a small backyard pond with koi fish.


I am seeking a challenging executive/senior management team position with the right organization, be this public or private, profit or non-profit entity, where I can make a difference.  As an experienced leader and manager recognized by peers and business associates as the consummate professional, I possess a diversity of relevant professional skill sets that I am confident could transfer to any business environment enabling me to "land on my feet running" for the right position, make an immediate contribution and quickly become a valuable asset to any organization.


Executive management professional with executive presence, visionary leadership/management C-level experience and increasing responsibilities, profit/loss administration, served as acting CEO and headed multiple departments with turnaround success. Demonstrated performance record and extensive knowledge in all functional operations areas within a large business/professionals membership organization representing the banking industry--designed and administered cutting-edge educational programming, designed and produced large conventions and other major meeting events in-state and out-of-state at many exclusive five-star resort properties. Extensively trained/banking background--authored business articles, technical bulletins and speeches as executive communications specialist, writer/managing editor of business magazine, counseled industry executives as regulatory compliance specialist, advised industry associates on operations issues and lobbied on industry's behalf before legislators, regulators and governmental officials. Creative and brings passion to every project or job assignment no matter how small. Interested in senior management team position/management succession situation with profit or not-for-profit business organization where I could transfer proven skill sets and business acumen to lead/manage/mentor/coach. Open to relocation.