Offering an innovative approach to fundraising, Worthy Giving provides organizations, worthy causes, events, and others a unique way to increase awareness of and donations. Typical clients include volunteer programs, clubs, charities, schools, and community centers. Michael Gabrielsen, the company’s President and founder, possesses extensive experience in the e-commerce industry. With a background in community development and applied economics, he launched Worthy Giving to address the volunteer industry’s funding needs.Serving fundraisers around the globe, Worthy Giving leverages the power of social networking and e-mail to garner support for clients’ causes. The unique, online fundraising platform makes the process easy for both fundraisers and donors. Worthy Giving provides professionally designed donation pages that clients can customize and personalize to meet their needs. The innovative online platform also gives supporters a way to become fundraisers themselves, through social media, e-mail, and other referral tools. Whether they are able to make a donation or not, they can still be part of the effort. By offering incentives in the form of rewards and gifts to both clients and donors, Worthy Giving helps fundraisers run successful campaigns. The company also makes its services risk-free: if clients receive no donations for their campaigns, they pay no fees. Donors can also feel confident in using the Worthy Giving platform, which uses the secure WePay system to process donations. The system makes donations instantly available to the organization or cause via a direct deposit or a check mailed directly the organization. Customized “giving levels” allow fundraisers to reward donors with additional, personalized rewards. The company also provides access to a live support team during business hours.Worthy Giving provides a hassle-free alternative to traditional fundraising. The company, which has worked with some of the largest missionary organizations and volunteer groups in the world, utilizes the power of the Internet to change how fundraisers and their supporters approach charitable campaigns.

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Work experience
Jan 2011 - Present

President and Founder

Worthy Giving