Work experience

Work experience


Aug 2003 - Present
Work In Progress Ministries

Under the banner of  Work In Progress, God has used us to Pastor churches, Plant churches in traditional buildings, houses etc,, and fulfilled many other ministries such as Band Pastor for Christian band "3:16" .We also filled in as chaplain/evangelist for motorcycle ministry The Way Riders. With them we monthly ministered at Homeless shelters, House of Prayers and many different out reach events.

We started up Amazing Grace College Ministry in which we trained up leaders to encouraged them to be Christians in secular college setting. Upon our moving to Florida, God allowed to commit the ministry over to a pastor daughter in which she carried the ministry forward.

Board Member

Jun 2008 - Feb 2014
Onesimus Ministries

Onesimus ministry has been serving Chester County, Pa for 34 years through support with local chaplains in Chester County Prison, with support to help reform inmates into changing and make wise decisions upon reentry into society. They offer Biblical counseling, local church connections and limited after care with follow ups.

I joined the ministry and served on the board supporting to local chaplains, while also ministering in the prisons weekly for about 5 to 6 years.


Jun 2009 - Feb 2014
Hour of Power

Served with Minister Sue Fletcher for years to bring unity between denominations, Multi Cultural, and kingdom minded people. Every Wednesday 3 churches would come together, and strength each other during the lunch break out sessions.


Jun 2013 - Feb 2014
Deliverance Church of God

Served with the pastor in local jail ministry, ministering to men and woman in Elkton Maryland                          

Associate Pastor

Apr 2005 - Apr 2007
LivingWay Christian Fellowship

Assumed the office of Associate Pastor for 2 years, Teaching, Preaching and Evangelizing the area. I came back to the church I was ordained by after a successful church plant in Elkton Maryland, in which I turned the church over to another pastor awaiting the opportunity to begin.



Minister Liscense

Jan 2004 - Present
Living Way Christian Fellowship

Ordained by Pastor David Cornett

Rights of Passage/C.U.P.S

Apr 2002 - Jun 2003
Pastor Robert Clark

Graduate of Rights of Passage, Positive Christian Image and C.U.P.S. Program (Christians using peaceful solutions). The total program was developed to help young adults from 16-26 find there life in Christ, reenter into society and how to work out problems peacefully and Christ like.


Jim Krieder- served with him for over 5 years in prison ministry and  3 of then Onesimus Board member for jail ministry 717-529-6487

Pastor Bernard Griffin- Deliverance Church of God


Sandy Touchton-served with her in different types of ministries over the years, such as small groups and house churches


Tim and Donna Tidwell-Served with them in the Christian Band “ 3:16 “ as the band pastor and in house minister for Homeless and Shelter ministries.


Emily Dill served with her in Amazing Grace College Ministry, She and husband went on to become youth pastors in their local church

Heather Hardy served with me as volunteer, when I was Youth Pastor in Polk City Florida