I've been involving on engineering, analyzing, planning, and marketing in the world of Software for over 17 years. With the cross industries ranging from Logistics, Merchandising, Education, and Power Utilities. Traveled around the world to see and understand the differences between cultures while trying to understand what they think and resulted in what they do. Combined with the background in studying how the unlimited-need human behaves in limited-resource environments. Added the applied science knowledge in managing information technology with the concentration in the knowledge discovery and product management.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2014 - Present

Technical Product Manager

Power Costs, Inc.

Managed and led a technical analysis team to define functional/technical requirements of the Generation Supply Management System (GSMS) across North America Power Market Systems by bridging the gap and aligning plan across all disciplines of the organization. Reviewed product initiatives and provided roadmap impact analysis and guidance to higher management. Participated, directed, and continuous improved the software implementation process across Agile teams.

Jan 2010 - Sep 2014

Product Manager & Principal Analyst

Power Costs, Inc. 

Managed three software modules (Power Price Forecaster, Intermittent Resource Power Manager, Independent Market Monitor) from roadmap & designing stage to delivery stage. The modules are well accepted and highly supplemented the company's core product. Mentored and trained QA and business analysts resulted in high quality stories/requirements with on-time deliveries.

Jan 2008 - Dec 2009

Senior Business Analyst

Power Costs, Inc.

Managed and gathered software requirements of the GSMS for Midwest ISO and SPP markets. Coordinated across teams to deliver the software to both existing and new clients on-time. Implemented and delivered the embedded custom business processes in Java to the GSMS system according to the needs of clients in Midwest and Southwest.

Jan 2006 - Dec 2007

Application Consultant

Power Costs, Inc.

Successfully delivered the GSMS to Midwest ISO and SPP clients and able to close the projects on-time. Analyzed and troubleshooted system issues and provide solutions to clients with ultra speed. Developed an in-house Issue Tracking System using with MySQL and Oracle DB.

Jul 2004 - Dec 2005

Graduate Assistant | Web Developer Lead

Oklahoma State University

Designed, authored, and tested scholarship system and Oklahoma resident decision system. Migrated five existing educational data driven applications to web (ASP.Net) applications. Led and direct the team to implement the applications using ASP.Net, C#.Net, IIS6, and SQL Server.

Jan 2000 - Dec 2003

Senior System Analyst

Siam Cement Group

Analyzed existing problems and redesigning the merchandising process and implemented the software solutions. Developed Inventory Replenishment Decision System v2.0 in C# and MS SQL Server and Merchandising Info System in MS Access VBA. Represented the company and work with the corporate SAP Team as a Super User to map the existing business process to SAP/R3.

Mar 1998 - Dec 1999

Logistic Analyst

Siam Cement Group

Proposed the Benefit and Cost Analysis of the Distribution Center relocation. Coordinate the designing process of the distribution layout and warehouse processes. Analyzed and reported the departmental performance and activities using complex SQL. Planned the inventory replenishment at the distribution center. Implemented Inventory Replenishment Decision System v1.0. in VBA on MS Access.


Jan 2004 - Dec 2005

M.S. Management Information System

Oklahoma State University

Certificate: SAS - OSU Data Mining
Graduate Assistant: Web Application Developer Lead

Jun 1999 - Sep 2001

M.A. Business Economics

Thammasat University

Research Paper: The approach to manage inventory replenishment with the opportunity cost of lost sales: case study of Siam Cement Group - Home Improvement Product

Jun 1993 - Feb 1997

B.A. Economics

Thammasat University

Award: 2nd Class Honors
Area of Concentration: Industrial, International, and Monetary Economics
Minor: Marketing


Nov 2005 - Present

Data Mining




Programming Language

Java (Eclipse), C# (Visual Studio .Net), Complex SQL, VBA (MS Access)


Oracle DB, MS SQL Server, MySql, MS Access

Web Technology

SOAP (xml/xsd), ASP.Net, IIS, Apache Tomcat

Application Server

Oracle WebLogic (Java EE)

Software Engineering

SDLC, Agile (Rally), Software Automation, Software Product Management

Software Application

MS Office: Advance Excel, Word, Project, PowerPoint

Business Analysis

Economics Analysis, Benefit and Costs Analysis

Technical Analysis

Data Mining, Power Price and Wind Power Forecasting


Software training, Technical demonstration, Cross-functional Tran Leadership




Application Security, System and Data Integration, Reporting, UI Design, Tableau, GIT, Data Recovery, Ubuntu - Linux

Projects and Accomplishments

Project Manager of Software Migration — Power Costs, Inc. [2014]
Successfully led a project to transform the GSMS User Interface for MISO and PJM markets from .Net UI to Web-based UI and delivered system for clients according to the timeline. Performed on-site and on-line trainings for users to use the new user interface. Provided supports and solution for the system transformation to users.

Tech. Lead Application Security with Role-Base Permissions Project — Power Costs, Inc. [2012]
Created a new process to build standard security roles and deployment process. Since 2012, all GSMS systems were deployed with the Standard Roles produced by this initiative and resulted in over 60% reduction of the security deployment time from 3 man weeks down to 1 man week or less.

Tech. Lead Automatic Asset Scheduling Data Submission Project — Power Costs, Inc. [2011]
Designed and implemented an auto data flow and notification in Java from power plants to trader system and submit to the CAISO market. Resulted in removing the double data entry and speed-up the submission time from 1 hour to less than 2 minutes.

Power Price Forecaster Product Manager — Power Costs, Inc. [2010 - 2014]
Led and designed power price forecast methodology utilities in the Midwest and California power markets. The module was later upgraded with rule-based automation. The power price forecaster allow utilities to estimate the P&L and adjust the power bidding before the market closing time.

Wind Power Manager Product Manager — Power Costs, Inc. [2011 - 2013]
Designed and implemented automatic wind power forecast data pass-thru and submission that allowed better visibility and configurable parameters for users to combine and manipulate multiple power forecasts from various external sources and provided the forecast accuracy report.

Inventory Replenishment System Developer — Siam Cement Group [2003]
Researched and developed the inventory replenishment system V2.0 in C#.Net & MS SQL Server with a unique way for buyer to choose what SKUs to keep using the RFM Analysis backed by a research in M.A. Business Economics with the maximized profit optimization engine using opportunity cost internal survey by product group. Resulted in highly accepted by the buyers as they claimed to increase in customer satisfaction with higher availability of product while reducing over excess stock due to the new way of SKU stock selection compare to the version 1.0 written in year 2001 with MS Access VBA.