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Like many of us, the Lord has blessed me with many talents. He blessed me with a dexterous mind and a set of adroit hands, but the greatest gift that I was blessed with is the ability to unite the two to work synchronically to do some of the most amazing things. I put forth my very best effort at every task I am given, and I never give up until I have proven to be successful. I believe that one must first believe within their soul that they can be successful before one can become a success!!


I left home at fifteen years old, married at sixteen, became a father at seventeen, earned my journeyman plumbing certification at twenty, became a master at twenty three and opened my first plumbing company so I could fulfill my wife's life long dream and send her to nursing school. I have finally accomplished my goal that was set when I left home! What I'm trying to say is that all my life I have done what I have had to do in order to provide for my family the best way I could, but I've had to put my future aside until I accomplished that goal. Finally for the first time in my life I don't have to struggle anymore! I have worked for several companies along the way, but have never worked to build a future. There is no institution that can teach the things I've learned in the real world, and because of that along with my versatility, I would be a great asset to any company that is willing to give me a chance. So as boring as it may seem, my main objective is to begin my career. This is my greatest goal that I have not yet completed, but I am ready to devote the rest of my life to the company that is willing to aid me in reaching that goal!


Work experience

Jan 2009Present


HHH Constrution

My brother and I, along with our father, joined together and formed this company in an attempt to provide for our families during the recession. We take pride in every thing we do, and due to honesty and reliability, the Lord has blessed us in these times of need! 

Aug 2005Jan 2010


Brothers Plumbing LLC

I formed this company to assist my spouse financially on her journey to fulfill a life long dream. My main objective was to not only provide for my family, but to also teach my younger brother how to earn an honest dollar and how to manage money with an economical perspective. We went on to manage many corporate contracts such as: Sonic, Captain D's, AIDB (Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind) and many more...

Mar 2003Jul 2005

Project Manager

Scott's Quality Plumbing

I was hired in to form a "new construction branch” to the company. I successfully turned a 150k a year company into a 750k company in just two years with only two working crews! I later went on to own this company in 2007 and appointed my younger brother "President".

Mar 2001Aug 2003

Project Manager

Petroleum Equipment

My father was the project manager for this company and he hired me in as his assistant to teach me the aspects of building and managing. Here I learned just about everything I know from petroleum piping, backhoe operating, building and how to manage customers as well as subs. When my father retired I I had gained the knowledge to go out on my own and that is how I started my career.


I can operate just about anything but a dozer and that's because I have never had too. I can operate a backhoe, bobcat, trackhoe, and trencher with precision!!!
I can do anything in this field that is listed below. I take alot of pride in what I do and I am very good at it!! Carpentry Flooring Painting Roofing (but I will not walk on anything past a 7 & 12) Ceramic Tile Sheetrock ( hanging & finishing) Electrical Landscaping Stair Cases Framing Windows & Doors Trim Forming Operator ( heavy equipment) Siding Acoustical ceilings  
I have managed many projects, not just in the plumbing field, in the past. I have worked for two home builders and a petroleum company where I built convenience stores. My father taught me how to oversee a job with fast production and percision. I have moved on to build some of the most beautiful homes and biggest plumbing contracts that you can manage. I feel that a man can't really call himself a "project manager" until he has managed a job own his own and lost his own money! When I went into business for myself is where I really learned this skill. So I guess you can say that I have had the best training that a man can get! Or at least I sure did pay a whole lot for it!
I have been plumbing since my sixth grade summer vacation when my step-father made me come to work in his shop. By the time I turned fourteen, I was roughing slabs on my own. I have seen a lot and have touched even more, but that's what makes this trade fun. It's constantly changing. I take pride in this trade, and I am very neat. I have a great reputation for my neatness, and I have protected this quality my whole life. I believe your work is a direct reflection of you! If a man is careless in the quality of his work, then there's no quality in the man! There's a lot of license holders out there that call themselves plumbers because they do everything to "code". What they don't understand is that "code" is just a reference book that gives you just the bare minimum requirements for you to keep your license, but I believe that before you can title yourself as a plumber, you must first be better than the "code"!!!!
I have managed several buisnesses that I have owned, and many that I have not. I have only failed once due to poor management. It doesn't take but once loosing your own money to learn to appreciate someone else's!
I may be a plumber by trade, and a musician by night, but I'm a carpenter by heart! My skills in this field are as follows but not limited to: Metal Framing Wood Framing Millworks Cabinetry Custom Trim Decks & Patios Furniture Restoration Furniture Reproduction Hardwood Floor Inlays Custom Framing Laminates