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Isaac Wongmanee

Technical Support


I have 4+ years of out in the field utility experience. Within those 4 years, I have worked in all weather conditions, holidays, weekends, as well as rotating on-call shifts. I have been trained & certified in multiple OSHA standards and have driven a company vehicle everyday with zero accidents or tickets. I take pride in my work and have never left a job unfinished or incorrect


Utility Locating Technician

Mar 2016JUL 2017

Locating underground utilities (Power, Gas, Telephone, Coaxial) for various contractors

SR. Broadband Technician

Charter communications
Jul 2013Mar 2016

Troubleshooting residential and business coaxial systems

Installation Contractor

Tom's Cable
Mar 2013May 2013

Installing coaxial main feeds for Charter Communications



4+ years of road side & other hazard training

Customer Service

4+ years of on site customer education and service 

aerial utilities

3+ years of utility pole climbing using ladder, bucket truck, and gaffing 


3+ years of installing and troubleshooting TV, Internet, and Telephone CPE systems 


3+ years of installing and troubleshooting Coaxial RG6/9/11/7, Ethernet CAT5/6, and Telephone RJ10/RJ11 wiring


2+ years of on site training/mentoring of new employees 


1+ years of locating underground telephone, coaxial, gas, and power lines 


1+ years of reading and understanding prints of gas, power, telephone, and coaxial infrastructures