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  • Treasurer of the French Club
  • The Element: Christian Life Church's youth group
  • Orchestra at Hayes Highschool
  • Cashier at J. Gumbos

Staff Improvements

I feel as though staff has many problems that need to be addressed in order to have a more smooth issue. One problem that I have noticed is that there isn't a ton of constructive criticism going on during on during editing, and when it is given, it isn't heeded. We need to work more on not taking offense to what is said about a persons work. That’s part of the problem is that people are afraid to offend others on staff and its not a personal attack, it’s simply what needs to be done.

Another issue I have noticed is that at times staff can be very “clique-y”. People go off into their own little groups and don’t really incorporate others. I have noticed this and I’m not in 3rd period very often. We should work on branching out and trying to switch it up so people can get to know one another better, and maybe occasionally do activities that involve all of staff. Summer camp and the Willis Homecoming Dance were two of the most fun times I've had on staff purely because I didn't feel like I wasn't part of staff.

Also we need to work on getting Staff Editorial’s done quicker. I have had Staff Editorials on my page a couple times and they aren't done when other story are so it becomes very hard to be able to space stories without it finished.

Personal Initiative

This semester I took many risks on the types of work I completed in Talisman. During the first issue I completed a graphic and a news story. For the graphic I had to do a cut out, and interview several people. This was a big deal for me because a few of the people I had to interview I had never talked to before, which is a hard thing for me to do. Also with the graphic I had never used photoshop and actually went for help outside of staff on a Sunday to learn how to do a cut out of a photo. Another example of initiative I took was there were photos that needed to be taken for one of the pages I was doing, so I went after school and visted basketball practice and dryland. A photo taken by me was also published in that same issue. Throughout the semester I have written many editorial pieces and throughout the semester I have learned how to incorporate my voice into them.One of the things I did that took me out of my element the most was the graphic on fashion I completed for the fourth issue. It was very difficult for me since the sense of style I posses is very different from others. I spent many days working out how I would work that graphic. I ended up having to look through old year books and put a lot of effort into what I wanted the design to look like. All and all I stepped out of my comfort zone a lot.

Goals for 2nd Semester

A personal goal that I have for the next semester is that I want to branch out and write a sports story. I am slightly nervous about undertaking this task because while I know enough about sports to get by, I have never taken a close look in them. I believe that writing this type of story will improve my journalistic abilities because of the amount of research needed in this story. I struggle with interviews the most and since a majority of information is gathered from what the coaches and players say, I believe my abilitly to achieve quotable quotes will improve.

My Highlight

I’d have to say one of the best moments I’ve had in Talisman was when my photo got published. It’s just very memorable because as I was placing my photo into the page Mrs. McClain looked at the photo and was surprised at how I had taken such a good photo. It was just a good feeling to know that she thought my photography was good enough to be in the paper and since then I have been asked to take a few pictures.


I have learned how to correctly place and size pictures and objects in InDesign. How to quickly do actions through the usage of “sticky keys”. I am now able to maneuver slightly around Photoshop and create a cut out. Also I have learned how to use InDesign in order to change font sizes, looks, spacing etc. Along with different program techniques I have improve my typing skills and can maneuver around Google Docs quickly and efficiently.