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ü15 years expertise working experience in semiconductor manufacturing and develop sites

üInternational project manger in technology transfer between Germany and Taiwan (NPI)

üTechnology transfer Unit process coordinator between Germany, China, Taiwan, USA

üComplete knowledge of international technology transfer from develop to mass production

üProven ability to cultural flexibility of working in international cultural environment and Successfully demonstrate foreigner language advantage and cultural understanding

üExpertise and years experience in problem solving and lean, 6 sigma control; Innovate in Thin-Film process recipe, methodology creationand risk assessment

üProductivity improvement experience in fabrication line-control manager and capacity expansion, plant management as well as in systemization of cost reduction

üExperience of managing cross function teams internally and, performance, training and hiring programs internally

Work experience

Sep 2006Present

TECHNOLOGY transfer manager

Qimonda AG

75nm TPL, Unit Process coordinator,

(1)Leader and coordinator of international team as TPL for 75nm IMI transfer project with lean, 6 σ

(2)Coordinate UP to reach transfer project SQ and ramp-up in Volume on time for NTC

(3)Proven fast/precise DCVD/PVD UP knowledge transfer, process set up for IMI/WEC

(4)Coordinator of FC CAR to drive global CAR information sharing/improvement system

Leader of TF UP to support technology 90/80/75nm DRAM DT technology transfer projects for FC of IMI/NTC/WEC/SMIC/Richmond, also 65nm bWL for WEC transfer

Jan 1995Oct 2004

Engineering manager

TSMC, Taiwan

Experienced Engineering Manager of Fab-2 TF&DIF Department

(1)Manage engineers (>40 engineers), budget & costs, tools capability with quality, staff performance management and development (PMD), problem solving, decision making.

(2)Work on an expanding capacity project in Fab-2 from 35k to 42k (two- years pay-back & expand 7k Embedded Flash).

(3)Manage a cross-function team for the tools’ performance in Fab-2 about the product Cycle-Time, Lead-Time, Clip, Available Time ($0.5mn USD extra product-capability per-years).

(4)Reward from Accounting director & Fab-2 director in 2004 to co-work with accounting for “Activity Based Cost Management project: MRP with ABC project” of raw material, parts usage ($1.2mn USD saving per-years).

(5)Employee Welfare Committee in TSMC– representing Fab-2.

(6)Be an internal trainer of training course “TSMC buddy system” to teach senior engineers how to be a great buddy for new comers & “TSMC NEA system” to teach new employee assimilation program and “Problem solving skills”.

(7)  Develop the IDP (Individual Development Plan) program and to setup thetraining courses by the different grade and job function.

Engineering Manager (25 engineers) of Fab-2 TF&DIF Department

(1)Develop two wonderful methodologies to obtain benefits in costs and product capacity improvement. “Modify Endura tool new burn-in methodology” & “Create new calibration tool to prevent wafer scratch” ($1.5mn USD saving per-years)

(2)  Reward from Fab-2 director in 2002 to lead the Continue Improve Team (CIT) for cross function project including five department, eighteen sections’ members,and topic “Reduction of scrapped rate for the SMIF robot system”($0.3mn USD saving per-years)

PVD Team leader / Thin-Film Process Leader

(1)Align and implement BKM & Major-Evens Preventions of Thin-Film area in Technical Board for cross-fabs (6” & 8”: 0.5, 0.35, 0.25, 0.13um).

(2)Align all recipes by tools to optimize capability of production

(3)Evaluate new AlCu, AlSiCu, Ti-Target material to reduce costs and defects ($0.6mn USD saving per-years)

(4)Expand RTP capacity by modifying recipe (increase 50% of capacity in RTP, $3.0mn USD revenue more per-years)

(5)Award in 2001 for Fab-2 to lead the Continue Improve Team (CIT) “Endura Tool scrapped rate reduction by metal-sticking effect” ($0.5mn USD saving per-years)

(6)Award in 2000 to lead the CIT team “Endura Tool Available time improvement for Capacity” (increase 10% of capacity in Metal-layer, $0.5mn USD saving per-years)

(7)  Coordinate the department’s training program, Problem-solving and project-handling for processes of Metal-layer/Barrier-layer/Scrub-clean

Jun 1987Aug 1989


DHL transportation

contract dealer and customer communication


Feb 2005Sep 2006


Glasgow university


International Project management
plant management
- SPC, 6 sigma control implementation and improvement - Continue improvement successful demonstration cases - Semi-conductor process/integration/mass production know-how  
Problem solving
QC method, Ford-8D, KT method-rational