i'm great at physic i can do must of the formulas in it and also break it down to a any easier way to do the formula 

C programming

i good at C programming as far as reading it and executing and writing it.

Digital electronics

i'm well adversed in  digital electronics with reading brainy code off the computer and to determined which is the  the corroct read out  i'm am also good with reading specs,and data sheets for a integrated circuit.

Oscilloscope readings

i can read the frequencies off of a oscilloscope and determine the peak to peak voltage on a analog oscilloscope,also i can us a digital oscilloscope as well 

All Microsoft offices

Word PowerPoint Visio Excel Project Outlook Info path Publisher 

Lap tops repairs

Strategies for the technical Professional

Analog circuits

Computer repairs

Electrinic's communications

Soldering and Desoldering

AC /DC electronics



Work experience

Work experience

Sub Usher for the church

First Christian Assembly

as need i'm only a sub usher when the other ushers can't fill in , take there place 

Jun 2009 - Present

God's servant in the Food pantry

First christian Assembly

i sever in the food pantry to the less fortunate people who can't seen to a ford much or need food to get by in the bad month they are having,also we disturbed clothing as well to those in need aswell were very dedicated to what we do there at First Christine assembly we also take offering for missions for those that are in other countries,ministering god's message to the whole world