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Work experience

Nov 2009Present


Nov 2009Present



I graduated sunjung high school.

I admitted to ChingAng University.

My major is social science.

I'm interested in exercise and movie.

Now, I My part -time job is serving and make a pizza in pizza store.


Now, I only student. But I have a big dream. I would like to success a position in marketing.

 While working in marketing field , I want to obtain a lot. I want to have many opportunities.

I want to recognition by many people. 

To do so, today I have been studying hard. I will realize a dream!


I hope to work in the marketing industry when I graduate from college.

I am looking for advertising position.

especially, I looking for company that treat variety of advertising. and have endless possibilities.

I hope to learn marketing information and improve my marketing skills While I'm  work.

Like creative, writing, editing, communication.