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Senior Management Executive

President / COO / CEO

Senior-level executive with a proven track record for growing and improving mid-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses.Significant experience in working with sponsor groups in the acquisition, management, and sale of highly leveraged companies.Strong international experience in both Europe and Asia.

Diversified, 30-year career in the design, manufacture and sale of highly engineered systems, the last 15-years at the President-CEO level with full P&L responsibilities.Led two major turn-around projects that resulted in highly profitable operating companies generating significant shareholder value.Implemented disciplined management systems and developed strong leadership teams that promoted revenue growth and improved profitability even during downturns in the business cycle.

Work experience

1997 – 1999:Ameron Pole Products Division, Ventura, California

President of a $50 million division of Ameron International, a diversified manufacturer of building products.The Pole Products Division designed and fabricated concrete and steel lighting systems used in highway applications.The division was located in Ventura, California with manufacturing sites in Oakland, California, Everett, Washington, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a distribution facility in Anniston, Alabama.Significant accomplishments include:

·Negotiated an exclusive, multi-year supply contract with Southern California Edison to supply street lighting poles in their entire operating area.

·Introduced quick-change fiberglass molds that significantly changed the ROI on tooling costs and allowed the company to produce concrete poles in smaller production lots.

·Gained corporate approval to build another manufacturing site in the Southeast in order to offset the high cost of transportation.This allowed the company to capture additional market share in a high-growth (housing starts) region.

·Negotiated corporate wide, multi-year supply agreements with Owens Corning and PPG, which resulted in $ 15 million in savings over the life of the agreements.

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1993 – 1997:Speedring Division, Cullman, Alabama

President of $ 40 million precision manufacturing division of Axsys Technologies, a public company specializing in precision optics and motion control for aerospace applications.At that time, Speedring was one of only two beryllium fabricators in North America, but was not profitable and was loosing market share.I was brought in on a turn-around assignment.Significant accomplishments include:

·Restructured the work force into employee-directed teams that participated in an incentive based profit sharing plan.

·Worked with OSHA and doctors from The National Jewish Respiratory Center to develop the first air-monitoring standards for machining of beryllium.

·Captured a major, multi-year manufacturing program (LANTIRN) from the competition, adding significant production volume.

·Negotiated the purchase of the other beryllium fabricator from Lockheed-Martin, and consolidated production from Florida to Alabama within 90 days without missing any contract deliveries.

Other Employment History:

1986 – 1993:FMS Corporation, Los Angeles, California

Various ascending responsibilities in Operations and Marketing, ending as Vice President of Domestic Operations for a division manufacturing mechanical components for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier.

1981 – 1986:Lockheed Corporation, Seattle, Washington

Various ascending responsibilities in Operations and Contracts, ending as Assistant General Manager of Ship Repair at the Lock-Port facility (Portland, Oregon).

1976 – 1981:U.S. Army

Infantry officer serving in line units in the US and Korea.Infantry company commander in the 9th Infantry Division (Ft. Lewis, Washington) and 2d Infantry Division (Korea).

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WLB Consulting

2008 – Present:Independent Consultant, Los Angeles, California

Independent consultant advising private equity sponsors on the acquisition of new business and the improvement of existing portfolio companies.Significant accomplishments include:

·Hired by Palfinger (Austria) to lead a “Greenfield” manufacturing project for a new facility in the US.Worked with state and local governments to develop a comprehensive package of development incentives.During the process I identified an acquisition target that would fulfill the Greenfield requirements.Assisted Palfinger in the successful acquisition of the target; a $ 100 million manufacturing and distribution business.

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·Senior Advisor to the private equity arm of HBK Capital.Developed acquisition profile for manufacturing and distribution businesses in the $100 - $ 250 million range.Identified a number of target companies that fit the investment profile.Assisted in the evaluation and diligence process.

·Interim CEO for a biodiesel manufacturing facility owned by Paladin Capital.Led a turn-around project that identified and corrected significant technical problems in the manufacturing operations.Recruited a new management team to run the day-to-day operations of the facility, including a new Vice President – General Manager and CFO.Advised Paladin on all aspects of the reorganization process, including the implementation of budgeting, standard costing, and other financial controls.

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2003 - 2007:      Ricon Corporation, Los Angeles, California

President/CEO of $ 70 million manufacturer of wheelchair lifts and ramps used in public and private transportation.  The business was acquired by a private equity sponsor in 2003 and sold to a strategic buyer in 2007.  Significant accomplishments include:

  • 60% revenue growth driven by new product development and significant improvements to international operations in the UK and Europe.
  • 200% improvement in EBITDA as the result of improved operations management and disciplined pricing controls.
  • Successful integration of two "tuck-in" acquisitions that complemented existing product lines and distribution networks.
  • Major re-design and re-launch of the entire domestic product line as the result of new U.S Government regulations that went into effect in 2005.

1999 - 2003:  Ricon Group, Los Angeles, California

President/CEO of $ 150 million group of companies including Ricon (wheelchair lifts), Concord Elevator (home elevators), and Ricon Canada (accessible vehicle conversions).  The group of companies was acquired by a private equity sponsor in 1998, and I was hired shortly thereafter.  Significant accomplishments include:

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  • Major turn-around of the Concord Elevator division to bring it back to profitability. This was a 2-year effort that included hiring a complete new management team; a major re-design of the system electronics; transition from a fabrication to design/assemble business model, and implementation of new business systems (ERP).
  • Divesting of the Ricon-Canada business line after determining that vehicle conversions were not a strategic fit with the core business. This included the sale of manufacturing operations in Montreal, Los Angeles, and Oslo (Norway) to two different strategic buyers.
  • Creation of a new division within Ricon Corporation to focus specifically on public transit applications (bus & rail). This included the addition of new engineering, technical support, and sales personnel, and resulted in incremental annual revenue of $ 12 million.
  • Working with the senior lenders to restructure the corporate debt while the turn-around of the Concord Elevator business was in progress.


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