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My career objective is simple:  I want to work for a good, solid company where I can move up and where I make enough that I don't have to work two jobs to make ends meet.  I grew up in a "upper lower class" working class family, and believe in working hard.  I don't want to find myself working in a job where I retire at the same position I started in, unless that is my choice.

I work hard and put all of my effort into making sure the job is done and done right.  All I ask for in return is a decent wage and a chance to advance my career.

At a Glance Highlights

Established a new 600K sq ft warehouse to bring in $1.3 M of inventory from another factory.

Shipped temperature sensative material from southern Georgia to rural Alaska.

Complete CCI to ship LTL to Canada in house, not outsourced.

Experienced in shipping to every continent, both with and without forwarders, package and container.

Familiar with APHIS and IPPS requirements.

CFR- 49 certified.

Work experience

Sep 2002Present

Material Handler II

Job duties include, but not limited to:  shipping via UPS, DHL, FedEx, and LTL freight lines, including packaging and securing items for shipment; preparing a packing list for items which ship on company software; providing management with a complete and accurate list of all shipments which leave on a daily basis; responsible for prepetual inventory system of approximately $3.3 million.  Prior job duties have included:  Responsible for integration and consolidation of a business, bringing in material and inventory from Madison, Indiana, to Thomasville; receiving in material from UPS, FedEx, and LTL carriers; tracking of materials I have shipped through carrier web sites; verification of material from other business units as well as working with purchasing agents from other units to verify all items are correct and accounted for; ASME code tracking on some material to pass through warehouse.

Sep 1998Jul 2002

RMS Merchandiser

McLane Southeast

Job duties include but not limited to placing orders for convenience stores, stocking, fronting shelves, as well as checking for out of date product.  Job also entails maintaining proper inventory levels of product in stores on a seasonal and per store basis.

Mar 1998Jul 1998

Secretary, Career Placement

Thomas Technical Institute

Job duties include but not limited to processing student files, posting new job positions, and other secretarial duties as assigned.


SAP Shipping Manager
SAP, the leading inventory management software, was implemented in my business unit in April 2009.  Although my training and usage is limited, I am confident in the aspects of shipping under the version we use.  From order picking to shipping I can process orders through SAP with proficiencey and learned to work within it in a few short weeks.  I'm also working to train others in my area in shipping on SAP.
People skills
Working in shipping takes people skills.  In order to get shipments moved third party or to ship to the middle of Alaska, you have to be able to work with people both in person and over the phone.  I've been able to accomplish more with this than any other skill because if you treat people like they want to be treated, you'll get the best results from them.  I've shipped everything from one box of pins to a ten foot tall crate, and all of it was made possible with people skills.
Forklift Driver
Experienced in stand-up forklift operation, sit-down forklift operation, as well as walk-behind forlkifts.
Export shipping
I've become the main contact person for export shipments out of the Thomasville, GA, Siemens WT location.  I'm proficient in getting small packages out on FedEx / UPS / DHL, as well as up to date on wood restictions for foreign countries.  Have handled shipments from a one pound box to multiple containers, door to door and door to trade show floor. 

Shipping around the globe


Thomasville High School

College Prep and Technical Prep seals


Oct 2007Oct 2010

Hazardous Materials Shipper