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personal statement 

Confident and articulate individual with commended ability to work with others to achieve set outcomes. Young yet mature tertiary with developed employ ability skills and personal attributes that support the transition from education to full-time employment. Leadership and communication skills developed and demonstrated through engagement in sports clubs and associations. Motivated individual keen to obtain employment in warehouse and operations environment. Key strengths include strong attention to detail and willingness to learn and develop professionally.


Sports & recreation level 2

Pacific islands institute 
Jun 2014Dec 2014

Certificate in applied technology (carpentry)

Te wananga o aotearoa

Took part in building a house with te wananga o aotearoa did everything from building the floor to framing the walls putting up the trusses and weather board's setting out the boundary with pile setup 

Feb 2011May 2011

Welding and fabrication level 3

NZ welding school

Completed all welds , arck welding, mig welding, tig welding and ali tig welding with basic down hand skills

Work experience

May 2013Jul 2013

Hay bailing 

Pehi contracts

Working on a seasonal job stacking and un stacking bails transporting bails from one barn to another 

Jun 2011Dec 2011

Interior design 

Sam & Co painting 

Sanding all walls and ceilings window frame's taking off all doors to be sanded and painted separately ,

Personal attributes

Verbal communication 

ability to communicate with a range of individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. Demonstrated by 3-year captaincy of the local rugby team


Understanding of the need for flexibility in order to support last-minute demands and changes. Comfortable with changing environments and situations, ensuring ability to remain flexible and adaptable

Time management 

 Dedication to effective prioritisation and management of time by allocating tasks and recording activities in diaries and daily to-do lists.


sam & co painters                                            Pehi contracts

position : labourer                                           position : labourer

contact details : 0223733803                      contact details : 02040396321