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Strategic Planning & Execution
Motivating/Leading High Performance
Business Development & Innovation
Visionary Leadership & Development
Program Management
Product Management

Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Senior Consultant

Anvil Consulting

Business development specialist improving overall business performance.   Directed business analysis, re-engineering business structure, strategic direction, plans for data gathering and analysis, maintaining product metrics, and serve as problem solver and facilitator including the introduction of new management tools.  Managed and develop financial reports and controls utilizing staffing and technical efficiencies.   Drove cost cutting programs through the implementation web application and wireless services.

Aug 2005Feb 2008


Cisco Systems (Comsys)

Developed and presented current analysis on relevant market trends and opportunities in the market place to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) team for Topic Perspective/Engagements, Thought Leadership, and Sensing / Account Analysis.  Organized and managed the IBSG Economics and Research Wiki, destination for all in process research projects and Country Transformation Framework Interactive Presentation Builder. 

Mar 2003Aug 2005

Senior Product Manager


Managed the strategic direction and development for Nokia's Redback SMS product line. Directed and achieved product milestones, system integration, product roadmap, logistics, global sales support, pricing, service creation and product positioning for Nokia's Intelligent Edge Product Organization. Created and delivered on-going global sales team meetings and briefs on product improvements. Implemented service creation initiatives to be integrated into Nokia's 3G Network Vision. Collaborate with other Nokia Business Units to facilitate fixed and wireless convergence at the Intelligent Edge.

Aug 2000Mar 2003

Executive Director of Business Development

C3 Communications

Led successful development and strategic vision for XPC, a state-of-the-art virtual computing integrated broadband solution.  Lead the closure of a $1.8 Million dollar contract with EMC Financial and strategic alliances with GE Net Services, Sun Microsystems and Integrated Information Systems (IIS).  Cultivated evolving concept and architecture in promoting several multi-million dollar Digital Divide and educational projects including Cox Communications and the State of Arizona.

Jul 1999Aug 2000

Director - Network Services

Universal Broadband Networks

Directed successful development of Universal Broadband Network's leading edge integrated systems and processes. Lead procurement program implementation, hi-speed data training, organization of process and system development teams developing and integrating applications into a seamless platform. Completed custom designed systems implementation and Customer Care Centers by targeted completion date and within budget.

Jun 1976Jul 1999

Senior Product Manager


Managed Pacific Bell's Joint Marketing Organization's $30M revenue stream product line of unregulated customer premises equipment channeling to Fortune 500 companies.  Promoted and develop new business and packaging for network products, including OEM computer telephony. Initiated and direct the Qualities Issues team and ISDN development team, leading to permanent tariff status from CPUC.  Produced contract agreements with Computer Telephony Vendors and establish a portfolio of products packaged with company's network services.  Leveraged brand and enhance customer's perceived value to achieve "One Stop Shop".  Insured the overall effectiveness of customer focus organization and create new strategies for promoting the company's core product line.  Created an Intake Program and execute a training curriculum with outside vendors and the company's Center for Learning for training and development of more than 400 testers and managers.  Initiated and lead the "Silver Bullet Team" and organize an issues list and flow chart, build and empowered team unity.   Chaired Integrated Technology Planning Team for Northern California and Sacramento Areas in business case development leading to more than $75 million in project approvals.  Provided leadership, direction, and economic analysis in the planning and introduction of new technology and the optimization of existing technology.



Kevin Kelly

“Winton is tireless worker who pays attention to details. His broad experience base as a senior project and product executive in various industries has left him with a strong set of capabilities for any company.Winton's technical and business savy make him the type of leader that is invaluable to a company that needs a leader that will help them grow and can solve the tough problems along the way. - Kevin Kelly” December 14, 2011

Daryl Jenkins

Joseph M. Bradley


Candidate - SIx Sigma Black Belt


Data Communications

Hills Brothers and Associates

Noteworthy Accomplishments

            Program and Product Management

  • Developed new collaboration models and techniques in creating improved IT and business agility.
  • Directed Program and Product Management teams in the successful marketing and evolution of product families. Result: Reached milestone status on schedule resulting in 4.0 Million in sales.
  • Developed new business relationships and packaging for network products, including production of collateral, white papers and global presentations contributing to overall market share by 20%.

  • Collaborated with account managers, system engineers, procurement, global marketing teams and consultants on key positioning for product lines, policy & service management, and release management, documentation management. Result: Retention of subscriber management system market share.

  • Lead development of the Nokia ASR2020 edge/access router to compliment partner space.
  • Planned and execute major process changes across Data Communications Organization resulting in the acceleration of company broadband-tenant technology and a 35% increase in segment revenues.

 Cross Functional Planning and Implementation

  • Researched and Created Internet Solutions. Entailed tracking, escalating and scheduling for product deployment. (Result: 35% improvement in on-time delivery)

  • Provided ongoing process improvements for technical call centers. (Result: Surpassed 90% Goal in Customer Service Quality target.) Validated bi-weekly key process indicators in provisioning and maintenance organizations.

  • Developed key business operational metrics for Service Level Agreements, process control, and management reports leading to the acceleration of a company broadband tenant technology and a 35% increase in segment revenues.

  • Provided leadership, direction and economic analysis in the implementation of a $2.0 Billion modernization project (Result: Reduced time to market and acceptance in delivering product offerings by six months and increased product revenue by 73%.

  • Drove cost cutting programs through the implementation web application and wireless services by 72%.

  • Generated 52% in new revenue by aligning with companies and instituting new specialty products coupled with improved customer service.

          Strategy and Research    
  • Provided and supported current analysis on relevant market trends and opportunities in the market place to company consultant organizations for Topic Perspective/Engagements, Thought Leadership, presentations for Global 500 Consultants and Sensing / Account Analysis including quantitative and qualitative analysis on relevant topics.
  • Managed company Economics and Research Presentation Wiki, destination for all in-house process research projects and Transformation Framework interactive Presentation Builder.
  • Researched, developed and directed the introduction of visionary products including cloud computing solutions and business portals targeted to educational and enterprise entities accessible via thin client. (Result: Secured a $1.2 Million sales contract.)
  •  Initiated cause and effect analysis study of product performance justifying $1.2M in retribution from the vendor leading team to second consecutive Quality Team Award.
  • Accelerated new product launches by 48% after cultivating several strategic operational and engineering relationships.
  • Managed company Economics and Research Presentation Wiki, destination for all in-house process research projects and Transformation Framework interactive Presentation Builder improving Executive Consultant and Sales Professional access by 64%.

Professional Training


Executive Education Program, Columbia University Product Management Training - University of California at Berkeley Strategic Alliances & Negotiation Skills - California Institute of Technology Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business Lessons in Leadership Series - University of California Berkeley

Extension Industry Conferences and Seminars: 

Personal Traits

Personal traits that have assured success have included:

  • High-energy, thought leader
  • Innovative decision maker
  • Exceptional motivator, strong communicator
  • Results-oriented, proactive leader
  • Committed to long-term quality outcomes
  • Respected team player
  • Empowering of others


Maximize ROI opportunities and accelerate operational efficiencies through:


Lead and motivate others towards continuous innovation and record performance levels


Capture preferred market position by anticipating customer trends, identifying industry transitions, and creating a clear path to profitability


Allocate available resources to generate highest returns, create profitable customer-centric business solutions, and apply advanced technologies to shorten time-to-market and achieve desired business outcomes


Create an inclusive, desirable, and accountable culture driven by value based decision making and a relentless focus on goal obtainment.