For this past issue I did an editorial on the where the truth went in the media and I tried to take a different approach.

I did state my opinion from the start but I tried to take a balanced approach at bashing them.  Instead of calling a certain news out multiple times I may have called them out once and then referred to them and similar news outlets throughout but by calling them simply "news outlets".  Taking the road down the middle take make a point while also letting people see your view better by coming halfway to their view.  I thought this could help me get  clear point across and let even the most stubborn people to see my view and consider it.  This new angle came with a smoother writing for me, where I thought the points flowed a little better together and it all comes together to make a solid piece of writing.  This was new for me and I am glad I took this angle this issue.  My stepping out of the comfort zone was for the previous issue, when I went out and talked to the professor from Ohio Wesleyan.  She was very interesting to talk to but this was the first time I had really, really branched out to make some new sources.