Paul Winters

Paul Winters


I have learned many new technology skills in this past semester and as a Talisman  staff member.  A lot of the skills I have learned are on the program indesign.  I the past semester I went from barely knowing how to do anything to pretty close to being able to design a page by myself, if given a lot of time.  I have been getting better a judging what looks good, what I am shooting for the goal of my page.  That is what I have been trying to improve on a lot, making the page better all around. Some of the other skills the I have learned that I may overlook is the skills on Google docs, how to put things in folders and be efficient, I was not good at this before.


Some other other activities I do at Hayes include, BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters) and tennis.  The BBBS is the mentor program at the elementary, where you get to touch the lives of these kids.  For some of them, it makes all the difference many of them are being raised in rough backgrounds.  Tennis, I have done for 2 years now and it isn't a sport that I plan to go far in, I just enjoy getting out and having some fun.  It has been fun being out on the courts and improving to be a better player. 

I hold a job at Willow Brook Christian Communities, this is a retirement home for older adults and it has been a great experience.  I am a server in the restaurant and for many of them the dinner hour is the most productive time in their day and so I get to enjoy them.  It has been a great time working there and you get to know them and have a bond with them, they get so, so happy to see you.  One of them that I met when I first started just recently passed away and that was hard for me.

Goals for 2nd semester

For the second semester I have I am hopeful and have some good goals for myself.  I hope to push myself for the best writing possible and not give up.  I hope to step out of  my comfort zone find interesting people to interview and who tell a story themselves.  I hope to get some good stories out, some that may be what people don't want to talk about but what people will will gobble it up.  I really want to work on the flow in my writing and I plan to make a good one the flows better then ever that is all connected and one idea turns to the nest so swiftly you may not even know it.  I really want to also shoot for good solid information, not just filling words and ramble, good solid facts.  With these goals I hope to have a successful second semester.

Staff Improvements

Some of the problems I see with us as Talisman now is the productivity level down, at the start and as deadline nears then it starts to come together.  A pacing system of setting up some interviews, who can you interview and the status on those updates will help encourage people to strive to get in in and get them taken care of.  For the ladder system instead of having just one day of spitting out the ideas, I would have the folder open a week before so people can be thinking way before and then on ladder day we just weed that list of what is relevant.  This would also give people more time to think of relevant things instead of just one night or that day of pulling things out of the air.  Another thing that can be improved on is the pride in the paper, for the staff editorial meeting instead of it being a burden it can be a very productive outlook time to see where everyone is at and even helping them if the need it giving them an outlook of where they may need to go with their story, instead of waiting to the editing process to be changing the main frames of stories.  All of these ideas may help Talisman operate more efficiently and produce better material.

My Highlight

The single best moment for in my Talisman career so far was the moment I was assigned the lead story.  This was an honor! I loved going out and getting some good facts and hard news for it knowing that it was going to be above the fold and  I tried to make it newsworthy all the way through.  This was a very exciting moment for me my first story on the first page and my first LEAD story, it was exciting.  My parents were very proud, Kelly may have wanted to fight me because I was given the opportunity and hadn't been given it.  That just made it my highlight that much more.  Looking back this was my most memorable on Talisman.

Work experience

Work experience

For this past issue I did an editorial on the where the truth went in the media and I tried to take a different approach.

I did state my opinion from the start but I tried to take a balanced approach at bashing them.  Instead of calling a certain news out multiple times I may have called them out once and then referred to them and similar news outlets throughout but by calling them simply "news outlets".  Taking the road down the middle take make a point while also letting people see your view better by coming halfway to their view.  I thought this could help me get  clear point across and let even the most stubborn people to see my view and consider it.  This new angle came with a smoother writing for me, where I thought the points flowed a little better together and it all comes together to make a solid piece of writing.  This was new for me and I am glad I took this angle this issue.  My stepping out of the comfort zone was for the previous issue, when I went out and talked to the professor from Ohio Wesleyan.  She was very interesting to talk to but this was the first time I had really, really branched out to make some new sources.