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Wim Middelaar

Chief Financial officer / chief operating officer


As CEO with a financial background, extensive experience in companies operating in complex environments with a lot of influence and interaction with the market, legislation and social pressure (petrochemical industry, aviation and shipping, business services, real estate and not-for profit ). The emphasis is on the structure and direction to the (execution of) the company's strategy from a position often characterized by disappointing results, increased supervision and / or entangled interests. I acting from facts, with a straight back and not be guided by emotions me, with only one purpose: the interests of the organization. I let the experts do their work and are responsible for the content of the recurring result: increased organizational effectiveness. With my independent approach I bring leadership book I bring the necessary results through focus, structure, governance and peace. This complemented by extensive experience as non executive board member. Contact mobile + 31(0)6 49746878

Work experience


Interim manager

Middelaaar Management & Consultancy BV

My approach is characterized by rapidly separating major and minor issues, create focus and a project-based approach by taking full advantage of the available talents and eye for the human dimension.
In complex problem with many stakeholders, I acting from facts, not guided by emotions and with a straight back for one purpose: the interests of the organization. My distinctive added value is bringing good governance and results-oriented organizational culture. To assess employees on their behavior and acting ("read people") combined with a sense of timing and investigation of offenses (questions) I make the unsaid negotiable.

Companies worked for are:

- Tronox Pigments (CFO EU)

- Talea Tea (CFO/COO)

- Florient Express (Managing Director)

- SNSPF (Recovery & Restructuring Manager)

- Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheid (Divisonal Head)

- Shell Technolgy Venture Fund (CFO)

- Assembleon (Philips) (Finance Manager)

- Rabobank Nederland (Advisor)

- Chemtura Inc (Finance Director)

- Arbo Unie (Group Control)


Executive Board Member

St Woningbeheer Betuwe

A corporation in social housing with approx. 4,000 social housing units in the Betuwe. Total assets € 170 million, € 28 million turnover and 42 FTEs. Sound financial status.



Techno Service Nederland NV

Company specializing in fleet management & maintenance for transport companies. Part of the Connexxion group. Change to a results-oriented organisation. Integrate five regions into a centralised organisation and merge the back office. Revenue € 125m and 1,000 FTEs.

  • Two-Headed Board. Besides Finance & ICT also operational responsibilities.
  • Member of Group Management and Procurement Board of Connexxion;
  • Develop & implement ERP system to achieve standard processes and associated standard times;
  • Responsible for the integration of the business and back office centralization;
  • Introduction of performance standards for operations supported by business controllers model;
  • Managing acquisitions to support the necessary growth of the company;
  • Familiar with IFRS and Corporate Governance.


Schreiner Aviation Group

International aviation group as a trading operator on behalf of the oil industry (West Africa), regional services for national airlines, cargo operations and full flight simulator training. Doubling sales over the years up to € 230 million and an invested capital of € 400 million and 800 FTEs. Two-headed Board, three groups of shareholders (including HAL and NPM) and a Supervisory Board.

  • Responsible for all finance, ict, collective labour delegation and acquisitions.
  • Point of contact for external capital providers, shareholders and Supervisory Board;
  • Arranging financing for various capital projects, a total of € 300 million;
  • Treasury, including hedging currency and interest;

• Develop & implement fiscal and financial structures to optimise cash flows;


Director Finance

The Great White Fleet Ltd

International shipping group, a subsidiary of Chiquita Ltd., Consisting of a dozen companies. Employed in the reefer shipping industry. Revenue $ 250 million and 1,000 FTEs. Structure of the new organization in Belgium. Member of the Management Team GWF and Chiquita.

  • People manager; setting up new finance department staff in Antwerp;
  • Responsible for statutory and management accounting U.S. GAAP, tax and ict;

• Management of budget cycle and scenarios to secure the profit target to achieve


Manager Benelux BP marine

British Petroleum

Multinational operating in the extraction, production and sales of oil, chemicals and food. Working within the International Marine division with sales in Europe of more than $ 1 billion and 200 FTEs. Transition from country managed organisation into global divisional structure.

  • Responsible for all Marine operational activities in the Benelux;
  • Integrate new activities and operational systems in existing organization for 10% cost reduction.



European Controller Marine

British Petroluem

Multinational operating in the extraction, production and sales of oil, chemicals and food. Working within the International Marine division with sales in Europe of more than $ 1 billion and 200 FTEs. Transition from country managed organization into global divisional structure.

  • Responsible for statutory accounting, tax and cash management;
  • Develop system for hedge activities, both products and currencies;
  • Introduction of performance contracts (incl. non financial data) for local managers;
  • Margin increased by 10% due to improved internal controls.



Responsible for management of teams, including consolidation of various multinational companies and construction companies.




Webster University

Master Business Administration




Education for Qualified Controller; Post HBO




HBO education on economics

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