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ADDITIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS:   Edited four national marketing journals and 35 texts; authored a book titled, “How to Write a Marketing Plan for Health Care Organizations” & 50+ articles/ editorials on marketing. Developed & participated in 100+ speeches, workshops, seminars and panels. Named Healthcare Marketer of the Year twice. Instructed & Facilitated 320+ Executive Health Care MBA, B.S. & MBA and Executive MBA course sections for 1500+ Sr. Managers. Designed & Facilitated 60+ Board / Executive Planning Retreats. Designed, facilitated and instructed 25+ leadership development programs.  
  Leadership Development& Facilitation:   Strategic Thought Initiative Plans Leadership/ Learning Development Programs Critical Learning Competency Assessments Learning Program Outcome Evaluation ‘Train-the Trainer’ Programs Curriculum / Course Design & Review Business Goals & Learning Integration E-Learning Instruction Executive Leadership, Strategy & Marketing Instruction
Change Management Applications:                      Change Readiness Assessments & Feasibility                       Strategic Change Initiative Plans Change Architecture & Design Governance Change Performance Appraisal                  Transformation Plans                                        Stakeholder Management & Alignment Culture & Behavior Adaptation Change Coaching               Communication Plans / Feasibility                                     Continuity / Sustainability Plans                          Change-related Learning & Development Programs Change Implementation & Integration Team & Consensus Building                              Post-Change Cost-Effectiveness                        Post-Change Motivation Plan 
BUSINESS & MARKETING STRATEGY APPLICATIONS:   Strategic Corporate/ Business-Unit Plans        Strategic Marketing Plans Strategy Alignment & Execution                      Environmental/ Competitor Assessments Strategy Performance Metrics                        Media/ PR Planning & Strategies Viral & WOM Marketing Plans via Social Networks Affinity, Green, Advocacy, Asset & Cause Marketing Programs Voice of the Customer Plans B2B, B2C and P2P Targeted Programs Strategic Thought Leadership                          Branding / Rebranding equity/ value/ metrics/ mapping/ feasibility Strategic Value Creation Plans                               Strategic Mapping/ Scorecards                        Client Recruitment/ Retention/ Referrals Customer Relations Management/ Service Appraisal Cost-Effectiveness Analysis                              Marketing research/ metrics ROI Assessment Targeting analysis/ data mining  Economic Forecasting/ Modeling/ cost-benefit analysis                    Crisis/ Continuity/ Sustainability Plans                                    Sales Force Training & Performance Evaluation Business Case Modeling                                  Innovations/ Business Development Plans Strategic Planning Board Retreats                  Digital-Internet-Social Media Appraisals & Plans Select Business & Marketing Appraisals   KEY MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS:     Formulation and translation of strategies into cost-effective marketing and communications plans. Execution of strategies and plans to support growth, retention, new product/ program development and enhance competitive advantages. Establish performance metrics and marketing research/ data analysis to assure and measure the quality, value and cost-effectiveness of marketing and business strategies. Partner with key stakeholders to create, implement and monitor strategic plans. Continual expansion of extensive working knowledge of strategic planning, brand management, advertising, marketing, public relations, market segmentation, integrated communications, service development, sales performance, CRM, Digital-Internet-social media and research/planning. Formation of a framework for the development of corporate strategy and policy and provide input and influence into the corporate strategy process. Analyzing audience-specific needs and responding with targeted key strategies, messages and communications channels. Develop and implement an enterprise wide customer experience strategy to enhance customer retention and service. Ensure strategic alignment between the strategies and objectives with the public’s understanding of the organization’s goals and achievements. Multiple channel integration, i.e. online, advertising, direct mail, events, digital, social media and others. Predictive models and metrics. Develop, implement and continually improve the long-term customer-focused marketing strategy through brand management and e-business. Ensure consistency and integration of internal communications with external messaging. Build internal alignment and promote organization wide understanding of corporate objectives, initiatives and programs to achieve greater employee effectiveness and engagement. Build a viable strategic direction through market evaluation, research, quantitative analysis and a sustainable ROI model. Produce a wide range of communications channels including sales and marketing collateral, presentations and digital-Internet-social media content.  Establish objectives, policies and programs for all marketing activities for the organization including market research, product/ service planning, advertising, brand management and internal / external communications to accomplish organization objectives.     NEW VENTURE, INNOVATION &PRODUCT/ SERVICE DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS:       Identification, evaluation & selection of appropriate technology, licensing options or partners Capital funding/ investment/ capital venture plans (with financial firm) Strategic business and market planning Sustainability Strategy Innovations planning Technology assessments Intellectual property assessments Valuation Market opportunity assessment-current & potential new applications Customer & Market Due Diligence Strategy Commercialization strategies Market research/ segmentation, targeting, positioning and branding (STPB) Competitive assessment/ intelligence Life cycle planning Pricing & revenue optimization Portfolio assessment Global channel & development Complete threat/ opportunity assessments Customer satisfaction assessment Brand equity analysis Sales effectiveness Training- start-ups, business planning, sales, etc. Coaching Grant development Thought leadership applications R&D strategies/ innovations plan Org. design, merger, partner, alliance, post-integration Growth strategy Go-to-market decision analysis Life cycle analysis- plan Licensing Cost-benefit / effectiveness analyses Executive/ board retreats Others……  

Work experience



  • Strategic Marketing Advisor, Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. (Agency) (N.Y.) adjunct on-call
  • Managing Partner, Professional Services Management Group, Berkeley, Ca.
  • Managing Partner, Health Strategic Directions-S.F., Ca.
  • Managing Partner, Health Care Marketing Group, Inc.-S.F., Ca.
  • Executive Director, Executive M.B.A. Programs, Golden GateUniversity, S.F., Ca.
  • Senior Editor, Marketing Journals and Texts, The Haworth Press, N.Y.
  • Dean, Chair & Director, School of Health Services Management, Golden GateUniversity, S.F. Ca.
  • Professor of Marketing/ Management & Health Care Administration, GGU, S.F., Ca.
  • Sr. Marketing Adjunct Instructor, U.C. Berkeley & 6 other universities.
  • Assistant Admin. & Admin. Resident, St. Mary’s MedicalCenter, S.F., Ca.


Professional Attributes


  • An interdisciplinary approach that incorporates tools and applications from such disciplines as strategy, management, marketing, economics, finance, human resources, communications, Internet, and others,
  • Up-to-date strategy methodologies, knowledge and practice,
  • Leading edge communications and web-based technology,
  • International/ global orientation,
  • Diverse cross-industry expertise,
  • A long-term educational and learning orientation for all levels of the organization.

Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of business strategy:

  • qualitative and quantitative strategic techniques
  • global business economics and marketplace dynamics
  • analytical methods
  • relationship methods (at CEO level)
  • business models
  • process management
  • project management
  • financial and portfolio planning
  • customer/ channel planning
  • Conceptual knowledge of business management systems, EFQM, Balanced Scorecard and similar tools
  • Business case logic and analysis

Professional Attributes:

  • Self-directed, mature, trustworthy and possesses professional gravitas
  • Use of current, leading edge, technological and multi-industry knowledge and expertise
  • Ability to manage dynamics of client relations and engagements to ensure project success and long-term retention and referrals
  • Ability to build rapport and influence at all levels of an organization
  • Ability to be astute and comfortable in most business environments
  • Ability to coordinate virtual organizational teams and external resources for successful implementation and learning
  • Ability to match conceptual frameworks with detailed execution
  • Excellent communications skills (written and verbal) for strategic reports, proposals, business cases, opinion statements, project plans and presentations (on-site and virtual)
  • Ability to coach and act in a peer to peer relationship with all levels of board members, executive, clients, team members and staff
  • Willingness to learn, adopt and adapt beyond basic premises and approaches and lead in ambiguous and unclear situations
  • Uncompromising approach to delivering quality results with the highest standards of professional ethics
  • Absolute and complete confidentiality
  • Emphasis on creating value for ‘all’ stakeholders
  • Ability to integrate any cross functional teams (technology, marketing, management, etc.)
  • Ability to meet all defined deadlines; travel domestically or internationally, and
  • Manage all aspects of knowledge transfer to clients for long-term self-sufficiency.

Sample Planning Projects:

Sample Strategic Business Plans:

Over 100 plans developed for various

organizations related to:

  • Stakeholder Value Creation
  • Executive Coaching Program
  • Operational Performance
  • Financial Stability Plan
  • Merger Feasibility
  • Exit/ Liquidation Plan
  • Divestiture
  • Retrenchment/ Restructuring
  • Mission/ Vision Development
  • Board Goal/ Objective Setting
  • New Venture Capital Funding
  • New Product Development
  • Acquisition
  • Joint Ventures
  • Concentric Diversification
  • Horizontal Diversification
  • Backward Integration
  • Forward Integration
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Fund Raising
  • Succession/ Continuity
  • Change Management (Culture)
  • Change Management (Governance)
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Thought Leadership Program
  • Leadership Training Program
  • Business Case Development
  • Strategic Alignment & Execution
  • Strategic Sustainability & Renewal
  • Over 60 Board Planning Retreats
  • Others.........

Sample Strategic Marketing Plans:

Over 125 plans completed for various

organizations related to:

  • Market Development
  • Innovations Program
  • New Ventures
  • Market Penetration
  • Crisis Communications
  • Brand/ Market Positioning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Research (Targeting)
  • Focus Groups
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service Appraisal
  • CRM
  • Marketing Training Program
  • Business-to-Business
  • Pricing / ROI Analysis
  • Viral / WOM Advertising
  • Integrated Communications
  • Marketing Metrics
  • 3 Rs Program
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Digital Advertising
  • Internet Marketing Program
  • Social Business Networking
  • Lobbying Program
  • Re-Branding Programs
  • Strategic Mapping Analysis
  • Public Relations Campaign
  • Multi-media Campaign
  • Channel Integration
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Others......


Travel, hiking, camping, animal protection, volunteering, exercising, reading, theater, mentoring, coaching & anything in the snow!


Career Profile:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable business, health care & marketing strategist/ planner, facilitator, journal/ text editor and executive education/ training professional.
  • Extensive proficiency in developing, directing and facilitating results-driven consulting projects, business and marketing plans, board/ executive and team facilitation, change management, value enhancement, and executive educational / training programs for a wide scope of for-profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Completed over 100 strategic business & 125 strategic marketing plans.
  • Demonstrated capabilities to build positive relationships with clients, community leaders, board members, senior management, medical providers, media and all C-suite executives.
  • Highly effective project style exemplified by a multi-discipline and facilitation approach, strategic thinking, self-direction, business acumen, client recruitment/ retention/ referral focus and
  • Complete emphasis upon outcome metrics and client satisfaction for a higher ROI.
__________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION: I am a business-marketing-digital-Internet-social media strategist and planner with over 20 years of experience. My focus is assisting organizations in appraising and enhancing their strategies to take advantage of the economic recovery! My other specialty areas include:
  • REBRANDING Feasibility & Plans
  • Digital-Internet-Social Media Strategies
  • Strategic Business & Marketing Plans
  • Change Management Feasibility & Plans
  • Strategy Mapping, Value Creation & Metrics
  • Strategy Portfolio Alignment & Execution
  • University/ Corp. Instruction /Training in strategic business, mktg. & HC marketing & planning; Internet & social media marketing; leadership & other subjects. Please see higher education CV (link on right).

Diverse Industry Applications:

  • Health Care Industry: academic, hospitals, ambulatory, HC systems, HMOs, associations, senior care (centers, housing, etc.), mental health, government, disease management companies, medical practices, pharmaceutical, associations, lobbyists, laboratories, blood banks, hospices, voluntary sector, human/ social services, etc.

  •   Life Science & Biotechnology Areas:

    a)    medical devices & instrumentation (implants/ equipment, safety, agriculture, etc.),

    b)    environmental

    c)    biochemical

    d)    biomedical

    e)    biopharmaceutical

    f)      biotherapeutics

    g)    biomedical engineering

    h)    Computational biology and chemistry

    i)      Medical robotics

    j)      Nanotechnology

    k)    Neuroscience

    l)      Tissue Engineering

    m)  Associations, etc.

  • Other Industries: Media, Retail, Telecommunications, Higher Education, Consumer Goods, Banking & Finance, Internet-based & Technology, etc
  • Professional Service Firms: medical, law, accountancy, architecture, real estate, etc.

Higher Education

  • Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida- A.B.D. in Strategic Marketing & Management.
  • The JohnsHopkinsUniversity, Baltimore, Maryland- M.H.S., Masters in Health Administration & Planning; Minor in Health Economics.
  • Golden GateUniversity, San Francisco, Ca. - B.A. in Accounting; Minor in Economics.
  • Nassau Community College, N.Y.- Pre-medicine & Business Administration
  • Over 100 CE courses, seminars, workshops, association meetings and forums.
***  Instructed over 300 Course Sections in Marketing, Management & Strategy in MBA & EMBA programs. Please see higher education CV with link on right for specific course subjects.