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The International Society for Burn Injuries, by William Summerlin, MD

The International Society for Burn Injuries traces its origins back to the First International Congress on Research on Burns in 1960. This event obtained such accolades that a second Congress was planned for five years later. The second gathering garnered even more attention, and organizers decided to develop a permanent entity, which became the International Society for Burn Injuries. Since its creation, this body has played an important role in improving burn treatments across the world. Doctors researching ways to enhance care can receive grants from the International Society for Burn Injuries. As a non-governmental organization, it advises the World Health Organization and other groups. Additionally, it spreads information to surgeons, bacteriologists, critical care physicians, and other medical professionals through journals, newsletters, and bi-annual Congresses. To read more about its accomplishments, log onto About the Author: The Director and sole practitioner at Summerlin Dermatology Clinic in Bentonville, Arkansas, William Summerlin, MD, treats patients with clinical medicine and surgery. Dr. Summerlin belongs to the International Society for Burn Injuries.


Dermatologist William Summerlin, M.D., has worked in surgical and dermatological medicine for over four decades. He currently runs a private solo practice in Bentonville, Arkansas, called Summerlin Dermatology Clinic. Dr. Summerlin’s work has earned recognition for Excellence in Patient Care. Following medical school, Dr. William Summerlin began his post-doctoral studies with a surgery internship in at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. A year later, he volunteered to join the United States Army Medical Corps. For the next two years, he worked with a burn team stationed at Fort Sam Houston’s Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. His work there gave him a lasting interest in the medicine of the skin. When he returned to civilian life, Dr. William Summerlin began a fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, California, studying dermatology, cancer surgery, and pathology. He earned a position as Director of the outpatient dermatology clinic, then as Head of Dermatology at the Stanford VA Hospital. During this time, he delved into human skin research, before leaving for the University of Minnesota, where he began a research fellowship studying mice. After several years conducting research in Minnesota and New York, Dr. William Summerlin relocated to Louisiana and began practice in the New Orleans area, where he also taught at Tulane University Medical School. A decade later, he relocated to Arkansas and founded his private practice. Dr. William Summerlin dedicates much of his free time to the support of charitable organizations and community groups. He serves as the head of his local Rotary Club group, serves on the board of his local YMCA and Chamber of Commerce, and works regularly with the United Way.

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