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Review of my credentials will confirm that I have served as the catalyst for a world wide recognized airline, in-house nationally recognized retail chains, successful publications and an award winning design firm, complemented by high quality designs and a proven track record in delivering valued artwork to many diverse companies. With my experience in graphic design, marketing and customer service I have demonstrated the ability to deliver outstanding collateral designs and marketing materials while at the same time creatively increasing my technical knowledge. I offer a broad base of experience and vision to help lead my colleagues and to continuously achieve nationally acclaimed results. My achievements clearly demonstrate the ability to take the initiative to create new ideas and implement brand marketing guidelines effectively within a corporate structure.

I have listed some points that truly define me professionally:

Creative design, problem solving and analytical talents combined with photography management, developing colleagues along with technical skills.

Keen instincts to quickly effect change and improve initial or existing ideas – with key expertise in visualizing, designing and executing timelines and quality relationships with vendors.

Proven multi-tasking capabilities with strong ability to plan, prioritize and manage complex projects under aggressive timelines.

Strong leadership talents, outstanding listener with a generous attitude and spirit, and the natural ability to establish an understanding of visions among various degrees of design talent.

Strong communication, listening skills, great public speaking abilities, along with my greatest strength the capacity to build relationships within an organization have allowed me the success I've accumulated this point in my career. Relationships including CEO's, Presidents, Senior Managing officers, management teams to the local productions manufacturers and everything in-between. Thank you in advance for your time in reading my profile.


Rug Doctor

Continental Airlines

Tribe Design


Adobe Creative Suite 3
Waiting on my holiday present to myself, to see if I can afford CS4 by the first of the year

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