William Thomas

William Thomas


Sep 1967 - Aug 1971

Bachelor of Science



Highly motivated & adaptable Human Resources Executive with over 25 years of achievement in business.

Leadership Development / Talent Management

Identified, Recruited & Retained highly qualified business talent, with the development and implementation of Succession Planning process, Career Development model and effective Reward and Recognition programs

Process Improvement

Analyze, identify and remove all non-essential steps to ensure a highly cost efficient, quality HR processes

Employee Relations

Exceptional at coaching Managers regarding employee issues as well as mentoring employees and finding solutions to their issues

Expense Reduction

Successfully lead teams in the reduction of business expenses in the areas of Disability, Worker’s compensation & HR management.

Recommendations from Direct Reports

I worked with Bill Thomas as my direct report supervisor for over 3 years.  He provided excellent leadership, supportive management style, along with guidance and direction.

Mr. Thomas is very goal and objective driven and helps his team to meet the company’s visions and profitability. He has always maintains a professional relationship, but also helps his employees to succeed, balancing work and home life.

As an Occupational Health Nurse he supported my team that developed a case management program, return to work programs, light duty program and disability return to work.Bill expanded Employee Health in 5 regional manufacturing sites. We also met with the Workers Comp Insurance carrier, saving the corporation over 10 million dollars.

Elaine M. Russo R.N.

Direct Report at Bausch & Lomb

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have known Bill Thomas for many years.  He was my manager at Bausch & Lomb.  Bill was the Vice President of Human Resources and  I was the manager of the Medical  Department.   I found Bill to be an excellent manager.  He was fair and taught me the importance of consistency in dealing with my employees.  He expected the best of his staff and got it.  He believed in his people and expected them to be the experts in their fields.  However he was always available to help and guide when the occasion called for it.  .He was also there if he was needed to “to fight corporate battles “ when decisions needed to  be  made at  a higher level of authority.  Bill was also a mentor.  He encouraged his staff to progress by extending themselves beyond their comfort zone, taking the appropriate in -service courses, and participating in conferences.As a manager he also understood responsibilities to family.  He was a willing listener and when necessary would allow extra time off for family issues.  He was a very supportive person in work situations and in personal ones. Barbara Senise

Direct Report at Bausch & Lomb


I worked for Bill Thomas at KLAS-TV Channel 8, for 3 years as his assistant.  Bill served as the Human Resource Director for approximately 170 people.   Bill was always the "calm" in our daily storm.  He was able to enforce company policies and procedures, but did so in a way that still made him a "go-to" person for all employees. He is well-educated in the ever-changing landscape of HR law and navigates effortlessly through, daily changes in workforce labor issues. Bill was well-liked, but most importantly, well-respected by the staff.  What people liked most about Bill, and I have to say is one of my most admired traits, is that Bill is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-is HR Director.  When you were wrong, he told you, and when you were right, he stood up for you.  He walked that fine-line of protecting the company AND managing employee rights. I could go on and on about the work he performed with our New Hire Workshops and Leveraging Differences Initiative, but his strongest asset is his tireless work ethic, which penetrates into everything he does. I would love to work with him again.   Tondi Hobaica

Administrative Assistant, KLAS


Bill Thomas was the Vice President of Human Resources at a very difficult time for Human Resources in our company.  We had just been acquired and were working through the usual integration activities that occur immediately following a merger and/or acquisition.It was clear early on that most of the Human Resources staff would be negatively impacted by this acquisition.Bill is an open, honest leader.  He told us upfront that he would fight for us, but that there were no guarantees.  He quietly and calmly let us know that he expected our best and, because of his honesty and integrity, we gave our best.Bill’s style of management is to set expectations, troubleshoot, and allow his staff to do their job.  He stays in contact, but he does not micro-manage. He understands the big picture and the business case without losing sight of the employees.  I would work for Bill again in a heartbeat.Amy Irish, Benefits MgrDirect Report at Rochester Gas & Electric

Recommendations From Colleagues

I worked with Bill Thomas for nearly three years here at KLAS-TV. He served as our Human Resources Director. My job as News Director required me to seek Bill’s help and advice almost daily. Running a large news operation presents a number of unique and demanding challenges to a manager everyday. Highly motivated, forceful personalities working at full speed throughout the day to do their jobs always under deadline pressure are a recipe for trouble. I relied heavily on Bill Thomas to help me navigate through the issues we encountered. His advice was always given with great care and thought. I found his support was invaluable to me and I know he helped me avoid some real dangers in working with so many employees in a supercharged environment.What stands out in my mind about Bill is a model of leadership and management in today’s business world. He was always tough on standards but not on people. While his expectations were clearly spelled out and he made certain employees in every department knew what their responsibilities were, he was there to assist employees in reaching their goals and meeting their expectations. He is a compassionate man. He is also a man of integrity who lives up to his word. He says what he means and means what he says. I would truly welcome the opportunity to work with him again.Ron ComingsNews DirectorKLAS-TV

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have had the pleasure of working with Bill Thomas in the past.  When I joined Bausch & Lomb as an HR Director he was already at the Vice President level.  From the moment I joined, Bill took me under his wing, provided guidance, coaching, counseling or simply acted as a sounding board, especially during challenging time. I enjoyed working with Bill and when I was promoted to Vice President, he was one of the first to congratulate me and made sure he offered support.   It has been years since we have worked in the same organization.  But Bill has never stopped acting as a mentor.  I always know I can count on him.  I miss working with Bill and would welcome the opportunity again. Carmen Allen | Senior Vice President of Human Resources