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Hiking, Fishing, Exercising


Former stockbroker William D. Berghold now has time to relax in the beautiful environment of Livingston, Montana. A small city, Livingston is located on the Yellowstone River in the southwestern part of the state, a gateway to Yellowstone National Park. After living on the East Coast for most of his life, William D. Berghold moved to Montana in 2010. In his new home state, he enjoys hiking in the Crazy Mountains, and fishing in the abundant rivers. He also remains active by taking spinning classes at the gym and working with weights. Quieter times will find him playing duplicate bridge with friends. A caring pet owner, he ensures that his two dogs get strenuous exercise by entering them in lure coursing competitions, a controlled performance sport where plastic bags simulate jackrabbits, the prey traditionally chased by sighthounds.

After graduating in 1960 from Holy Cross College in Worchester, Massachusetts, William D. Berghold joined Merrill Lynch, and following training, registered as a stockbroker. In 1963, he became a member of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and joined Hubschman, Fleschner, Inc. Soon after acquiring a seat on the NYSE, he became a partner with Hirshon and Roth, and then moved to the M. J. Meehan Company for a nine-year tenure. William D. Berghold accepted the position of a Managing Partner at Stern Brothers, where he served for nearly two decades before his retirement in 1995. During his active period in the NYSE, he sat on the influential Stock Allocation Committee.

A concerned humanitarian, William D. Berghold has participated in several service organizations as a donor, board member, and hands-on volunteer. He has supported Covent House in New York, the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, and Camphill. Up until the time of his move to Montana, William D. Berghold served as a board member of the M. J. Meehan Charitable Foundation.

William D Berghold

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