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Work experience

Mar 2007Oct 2009

Senior SharePoint & Systems Engineer

General Dynamics


Multi-National Corps – Iraq (MNC-I) Knowledge Management Office · 2007 – 2009

United States Forces – Iraq (USF-I) Knowledge Management Office · 2008 – 2009

Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq

Designed and developed SharePoint/MOSS 2007 physical and logical architectures on 6 large server farms for major government and defense organizations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) within the Iraq Theatre of Operations (ITO). Served as systems and technical lead on infrastructure build-outs. Directed employment of SharePoint Server 2007 services at Headquarters (HQs) and Command level and below. Acted as team lead on systems, database, and portal services for Multi-National Corps Iraq (MNC-I), and United States Forces - Iraq (USF-I) Knowledge Management (KM) portal operations. Performed as technical lead and subject matter expert (SME) for large farm infrastructure, logical and physical architectures, taxonomy and governance, content management, document management, records management and security models.

Major Contributions:

·Led SharePoint and MOSS 2007 systems engineering and all technical aspects for 3rd largest strategic portal in the world, USF-I SIPRnet Portal; supports ~80-125K global US and Coalition forces and civilian personnel and Dept. of State civilian personnel.

·Completed USF-I SIPRnet Portal build and migration in 8 months rather than 1.5 years projection.

·Headed systems engineering, database and portal services and all technical aspects of largest tactical portal in world supporting ~50-65K US and Coalition forces and personnel within ITO; known as MNC-I SIPRnet Portal.

·Spearheaded development of MNC-I SIPRnet Business Intelligence as 1st portal in Army ever to use BI within a Theatre of Operations to consolidate data from 37 sources including battlefield; enabled production of regular pre-decision products.

Key Achievements:

·Directed complex collapse, migration, and merge of 3 separate HQs and Commands 4 times: MNC-I, Multi-National Forces – Iraq (MNF-I), and the Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq (MNSTC-I).

·Enabled each HQ, Command, and supporting organization to maintain their own individual classified and unclassified points of presence.

·Served as Civilian Technical Lead & Subject Matter Expert leading migration of every classified and unclassified MNC-I, MNF-I & MNSTC-I document ever generated during Iraq War to USF-I logical and physical portal architectures.

·Saved MNC-I SIPRnet Portal Migration to SharePoint 2007 project from abandonment in 2007, convincing hesitant leadership in 3 days to move on when 80% of the assembled team resigned; and then single-handily built largest tactical portal in the world.


·Provided advanced content database management tools, and geographically dispersed Shared Services, Web Applications, and Site Collections capabilities, designing dynamic logical architecture.

·Increased availability of mission critical applications, data, procedures, and processes, creating unique standardized ‘Dynamic Cube’ type physical architecture and logical architecture for USF-I SIPRnet Portal.

·Incorporated fault tolerance, increased indexing performance, load balanced query, clustered Excel services, and BI products and services in above “Dynamic Cube” architecture.

·Utilized entirely new way of thinking in military information technology & knowledge management through the development of embedded Continuity of Operations (COOP) architecture and infrastructure, highly granular content databases management procedures, geographically dispersed Shared Services, web applications, site applications and multi-instance clustered SQL database services.

·Exceeded military expectations, designing and developing dynamic and portable physical and logical architectures which reduced content database size from five 1.2TB+ content databases to hundreds of 15-45GB content databases.

Dec 2005Mar 2007

Team Lead, Lead Systems Engineer

EOD Technologies

Phoenix Base, International Zone (Green Zone), Baghdad, Iraq

Team Lead, Lead Systems Engineer

Performed as primary technical lead on all MNSTC – Iraq (MNSTC-I) special projects. Provided integration, operation, and maintenance support for classified and unclassified networks supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom across multiple enterprise-level knowledge domains. Implemented, managed, troubleshot, and upgraded systems hardware and software configurations. Guided reporting, diagnosis, and resolution of domain uses. Analyzed work performance. Oversaw daily activities and battle rhythms of 5 systems administrators and 10 help desk technicians.

Major Contributions:

·Designed infrastructure and architecture supporting Iraq Defense Network.

·Ensured 100% operational and functional compatibility with interfacing and interacting systems subsystems, equipment, and computer applications.

·Recommended innovative and more efficient work processes on consistent basis.

Key Achievements

·Played primary role in transition of Iraqi Ministry of Defense network and infrastructure from US and Coalition forces back to government of Iraq.

·Planned and coordinated 100% transparent physical relocation of 2-Star General, his staff, and 280- support personnel from Adnan Palace to Phoenix Base.

·Spearhead technical aspects of $14M project to deliver secure national architecture supporting Iraqi Counter Terrorism Capability within Iraqi Theatre of Operations and Defense Network.

Feb 2004Dec 2005

Network and Systems Administrator

ITT Industries


Network and Systems Administrator, 2004 – 2005

•Active role in both Network and Systems Administration on first major United States Marine Corp base commercialization in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

•Assisted in a systems and network administration capacity for 16 server migration to Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 for NIPRnet and SIPRnet enclaves consisting of 9 Dell PowerEdge 2850 servers, Promina 800, FAS SAN, and Cyber Guard 6000 equipment in each enclave.

•Configuration, implementation and maintenance of FAS 270 Servers.

•Configuration, implementation, monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance of Cisco 7206, 3745, 3845 Routers and 4503, 4506, 3750, 3950 switches.

•Configuration, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of Moxa Nport16 Telnet Server(s).

•Installed and managed Update Expert ensuring compliance with Marine security edicts.

•Developed and implemented LAN Standard Operating Procedures for system administration section

•Aligned Active Directory structure to mirror the installations organizational structure.

•Consolidated Group Policy Objects on Domain to ensure base-line continuity on domain workstations and servers.

•Implemented internal Systems Administration training.

Systems Administrator - (TAC-SWA) - Qurrayah, Iraq (Q-West Air Base) - (Sep 2005 - Oct 2005)

•Active systems role in the commercialization of Q-West Air Base with the 54th Signal Battalion & 16th Signal Brigade under Total Army Communications - Southwest Asia supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

•Configuration, installation and implementation of Windows 2003 Server and Exchange 2003 Servers.

•Assisted in design and implementation of Active Directory, including User Delegation.

•Assisted in protocol implementation for the Q-West Help Desk.

Systems Administrator (TAC-SWA) - Ad Diwaniyah, Iraq (Camp Echo) - (Feb 2005 - Sep 2005)

Served as System Administrator on the enterprise domain.Responsible for providing guidance on reporting, diagnosing and resolving of domain issues.Developed GSU procedures for remote access of domain resources.

·Installed and configured Spot Light network system monitoring software.Configured and administrated the Remedy 5.0 Ticket Tracking System server.

Senior systems administrator Implemented security groups supporting delegation of rights for Work Group Managers.

•Active participant in both Network and Systems Administration on Multi-National Division base for NIPRnet and SIPRnet.

•Routine configuration, maintenance and monitoring of Active Directory including User Delegation.

•Provide technical support to the Help Desk when issues warranted including Military Personnel for 14 countries.

•Routine configuration, maintenance and support of all NIPRnet and SIPRnet routers and switches.


Senior SharePoint and Systems Engineer, Security Cleared

Knowledge Management, Advanced Analytics & Collaboration Technologies

Decorated civilian technology expert with history designing and developing some of the most sophisticated and revolutionary mission critical Knowledge Management systems used to date by US military, Coalition forces, and civilian personnel.

·Provide previously unimaginable capabilities, creating leading edge logical and physical architectures to meet critical mission driven requirements.

·Incorporate new perspectives on technology, utilizing very latest techniques and methodologies.

·Maximize reliability and functionality, proactively troubleshooting and resolving issues.

·Address and tackle complex obstacles, producing innovative and alternative solutions.

·Translate complex technical information to diverse audiences, generating buy-in at all levels.

Community Service

Hearts for Baghdad


Fedora Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Softball, Golf, Fishing




Baghdad Signal University / US Army


EXAM [ 70-448 ] SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance

APR 2009

EXAM [ 70-443 ] SQL Server 2008, Database Development

MAR 2009

EXAM [ 70-442 ] SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance

FEB 2009

EXAM [ 70-647 ] Windows Server 2008: Enterprise Administrator

JAN 2009

EXAM [ 70-680 ] Windows 7, Configuring

DEC 2008

EXAM [ 70-630 ] Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007:Configuration

AUG 2008

EXAM [ 70-631 ] Windows SharePoint Services 3.0:Configuration

JUL 2008

EXAM [ 70-643 ] Windows Server 2008: Applications Infrastructure

MAY 2008

EXAM [ 70-642 ] Windows Server 2008: Network Infrastructure

MAY 2008

EXAM [ 70-640 ] Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

APR 2008


Bachelor of Science

University of Hartford

Top Secret