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William Ti'iti'i Asiata

William Ti'iti'i Asiata

B.Sc Mathematics


I have a very strong interest in math and computing and wish to make this the focus of my career. I am seeking the opportunity to work in a specialist computing environment where my maths knowledge can be applied and computing skills further developed. 

I have a strong interest in teaching and community development and have developed these skills through paid and voluntary work and formal training.

Since graduating with a math degree I have worked in training environments, studied further and traveled. I now at a point where I am ready to commit to a career.

Work History

Work experience

Contract proposal preparation

Nov 2015 - Dec 2015
Project Strategy Ltd

Researched and prepared a proposal for a strategic planning company.  The proposal will underpin an offer of service to a university considering establishing a branch in the Auckland market. Required analysis of the university's strategy for growth, relevant competitors' strategies, demographic trends, and private sector business clusters that are in relevant markets.

Volunteer service (full-time)

Mar 2015 - Jun 2015
Bahá'í community of Palau (Micronesia)

Having married in January 2015 I chose to spend a few months with my wife in the Pacific supporting the Bahá'í community of Palau. The Bahá'í Faith is a world-wide community that fosters unity and a global world view. My role in Palau involved consulting, studying, planning and acting with community members to carry out community activities for youth.

Quality Assurance Analyst (full-time)

Apr 2013 - Oct 2014
Skills Update Training Institute (Auckland)

I was employed in a QA role in an organisation where I had the opportunity to learn a lot about business development and growth behaviour. I gained hands on experience moderating teaching, learning & assessment content and with curricula & syllabi development. I developed an understanding of the public-private relationships between PTEs, NZQA, MOE, MSD, govt policies, and other community and industry organisations. SUTI has much experience providing NZQA accredited Level 1 - Level 4 qualifications. My duties and experiences involved:

  • Overviewing and assisting development of course curriculum, teaching and learning resources
  • Moderating programme assessors, contributing to the  facilitation and implementation of professional development procedures
  • Applying to NZQA and ITOs for programme approval and consent to assess

Secondary Tutor (part-time fixed term)

Sep 2011 - Nov 2011
UC Pacific Development Team (Christchurch)

I co-tutored an after school class of Pasifika students that were enrolled in a free tutoring and academic support outreach initiative that was spearheaded by the University of Canterbury at local high schools with the support of NGO funding. My responsibility was to encourage the students' effort and help them with study of mathematics and science.

2005 - 2013
Previous roles

Over the past decade I have served in a range of customer facing, team working and low skilled roles including pool lifeguard (Wairoa Community Centre), nightlife security personnel (Wolfgang NZ), store merchandiser (Farmers, Pak'nSave, New World), temp worker (AWF) and meatworks worker (AFFCO).



Math and Physics Teacher Training

Jul 2015 - Nov 2015

I completed part of a secondary teacher training programme before deciding that I want to invest my math and computing skills outside the state school sector. The year provided a very good introduction to the subject matter, including pedagogical philosophies and theories of teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment, and social analysis. I also had opportunities to practice, plan lessons and gain experience facilitating classes.

Short course global prosperity

Sep 2013 - Jan 2014
Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity

A course dedicated to building capacity in participants to contribute to prevalent discourses concerned with the betterment of society. Components include:

  • Participation in a seminar for tertiary graduates (Discourse and Social Transformation: Achieving Coherence)
  • An online forum based module (Constructing a Conceptual Framework for Social Action).

B.Sc Mathematics

2008 - 2012
University of Canterbury

Advanced mathematics: Trained in mathematical modelling & computation, applied matrix algebra, dynamical systems, partial differential equations, differential equations & transforms, multivariate calculus, combinatorics, rings & fields, and metric, Hilbert & normed spaces.
Other training: intermediate engineering, 1st. pro. mechanical engineering, electronics fundamentals, management, social work, religious studies, psychology, Español, Te Reo Māori.
Full record of learning available upon request.

2003 - 2007
Wairoa College
  • New Zealand University Entrance
  • National Certificate in Educational Achievement Level 1, 2, 3
  • National Certificate in Computing Level 2 - spreadsheets, database, word processing.



Interpersonal skills: Organisation, leadership, communication & consultation, teamwork, morale & rapport, service

My experiences have allowed me the opportunity to develop many communication and teamwork skills. I believe that effective quality development of organisation and communication, and any product in general, can be created when teams consultationally employ the cyclic iterative process of planning, action, and then reflection - also known by various related phrases such as self-assessment, self-reflection, and the agile methodology.

Situations where my interpersonal skills have developed: Employment experiences, community development participation, sports team participation, tertiary education, trainee teacher & tutor experiences.

Analytical propensity, attention to detail, numeracy & literacy, computer literacy

I have experience with research & analysis of text & information, writing reports, writing creatively, and creating & assembling learning resources. I have worked to achieve a B.Sc Mathematics and I am very enthusiastic about and naturally inclined to working with numbers, working with tables and arrays, optimising algorithmic systems, and being methodical to achieve efficient and effective outcomes that minimise the possibility of error. I am very familiar with office software including powerpoint, spreadsheets, word processors and I am an in-training web-developer. Apps and social media are a popular past-time.

Planning & time management

Planning & time management is of course directly tied to the abilities to be methodical and communicate well with a team as described in the above skills; which determine how well teams and individuals can prioritise, meet deadlines and achieve goals. I have experience planning and managing time in the situations described above.

I have also been introduced to useful cloud-based software that streamlines business management and CRM skills for easy access to everyday people. E.g. Zoho (full business administration suite), Pruducteev (team/project manager), Toggl (time tracker), Zapier (app interoperalisation tool), and others. In future I intend to experiment with the various emerging ICT apps to enhance work productivity and project management.

Desire to learn and share knowledge

A common theme that seems to be emerging in the digital age is the ability for everyone to undergo self-training and self-seeking of knowledge via the wealth of resources shared and easily available across the internet. I am an enthusiast in this movement and actively research and self-educate myself in various fields of knowledge on many occasions.

I also have experience tutoring and facilitating learning activities with others.



National Certificate in Computing Level 2

Dec 2006

Office software: Spreadsheets, word processors, database admin. Web development: HTML, HTML editors - Adobe Dreamweaver & MS Frontpage

HTML Fundamentals course completion certificate

Nov 2015

Front-end web development refresher - HTML5

Interests & Achievements

Community building, social action, & societal discourse:

  • Volunteer tutor of maths and science to high school students while a university student
  • For a number of years I have served as a volunteer participant and contributor in many of the grassroots capacity building activities sponsored by the Bahá'í community, including neighbourhood community education and empowerment programmmes for children, junior youth, youth and adults. My participation continues with a special emphasis on neighbourhood community and youth development.
  • I consider contributions to societal discourses to be a fun past time and I find ideas that resonate with the libertarian socialist part of the spectrum to be quite reasonable. However my views and understanding are always changing and evolving.
  • In general I seek to collaborate with others to generate progress, development and transformation towards prosperity in all of our communities.

Leadership and achievements:

  • 2010 & 2012 University mentor - leadership and contribution towards the advancement of student achievement and success at the University of Canterbury
  • 2010 Navy Adventure Challenge - fantastic outdoors experience
  • 2007 Wairoa College final year prize giving - Top equal of class in mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • 2007 High school 1st 15 boys hockey team - won the season in our division, played centre forward, great team and coach
  • Martial arts and fitness - have developed martial arts skills and fitness, although am now looking into more gentle and non-competitive recreation alternatives