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Gifted with highly developed team and project management skills, Carl Russo and William Seidita continue to inspire others in the Twenty Four 7 Contracting Corp teams to continue working to make office workspaces better and more efficient. As one of the principals of Twenty Four 7 Contracting, William Seidita has made it his personal crusade to ensure that every project is flawlessly executed and every piece of office furniture is in its rightful place. Since the founding of Twenty Four 7 Contracting in 1999, William has never considered it a heavy challenge to be where he is. In fact, his employees, whom he considers as colleagues in every sense, are witness to how Billy has really gotten involved with the daily operations of the office furniture installation company that services the Tri-State area.

William Seidita extensively coordinates with clients for installation. He assists clients with all queries and ensures compliance to safety procedures for the sake of his team. Known for his inspired and inspirational leadership, William Seidita strives to maintain customer satisfaction for installation. Able to work within a timeframe, Mr. Seidita is extremely happy to be in charge of a team of professional designers, project managers and professional installers in a company that has been involved in the furniture industry for more than one and a half decades. Willing to assist clients in making their transitions from an old office to a new one, William Seidita takes customer satisfaction seriously by employing a proactive, strongly positive approach to every project and its accompanying challenges.

William Seidita is fully involved in every aspect of the business, ensuring that their clients see how dedicated the Twenty Four 7 Contracting teams are to every project and its goals. This hands-on leader works closely with the client’s facilities manager, ensuring that the assigned installation team comes onsite fully prepared to see the project to its completion.