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Feb 2012Oct 2015

Geelong Grammar School

Middle school Yr7 to High School 
Currently studying year 10 
Latests subjects and Course Grade:
English B+        Higher level Math  B+
Science A         Japanese B+
Business A+    VCE Text and Traditions B

Feb 2007Nov 2010

Beijing Horizon International Acadamy

Year 2 - Year 5
A Chinese school focusing on general subjects as well as english.

Additional Achievements

Jun 2015Aug 2015

The Long Tan Award

Australian Defence Force
A youth leadership and teamwork award given to a selected year 10 and year 12 of the school. Created in 2006 for the remembrance of the Battle of Long Tan, and the traits demonstrated by the soldiers in battle.
Jun 2015Jul 2015

Level One Barista Course

Best Restaurant Training
Eligible to serve alcohol and take money behind a bar.
Jun 2015Jul 2015

Food Safety and Alcohol Handling 

Best Restaurant Training
Able to access basic food safety and make simple alcohol beverages. 
Nov 2014Dec 2014

Parsons Family Award

Geelong Grammar Timbertop
For making the most out of the year at the special one year program at Mt Timbertop. Sponsored each year by the Parsons family.
Feb 2014Dec 2014

Duke of Ed Bronze Award

Duke of Edinburgh
Completing Service, skill, physical activity and adventurous journey to a certain degree.
Oct 2013Oct 2013

Merle Binks Prize For Service

Geelong Grammar School
Awarded to a single middle school student to contribution to the middle school community.
Oct 2012Oct 2012

Geelong Grammar School Foundation Prize For Service

Geelong Grammar School
For contribution of service towards the school.

Skills and Interests


I tutor middle school students at school and have tutored Karen kids at a local church.

I have been involved in the band for 4 years now and I recently joined the Senior School Jazz band.
I have been part of the Geelong Grammar School Orchestra since 2013. I play the role of percussion within.
I have been in various choirs since I was young, including the Australian Youth Choir and The Choir Of Geelong Grammar School. I have achieved a minor scholarship at school for it.
I recently picked up the ocarina to play as a hobby, I've worked hard at it and believe I will keep doing so.
I started piano when I was very young but I stopped after a few years. I have now picked it back up and continued to work at it.
I started guitar this year and i'm learning the basics of it.
Drum Kit and Percussion
I have played nearly 6 years of drums and has good skill and knowledge of it. I have achieved a minor scholarship at school for it. I especially like rock music, mostly Japanese rock. I also play orchestral percussion in my school orchestra.