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  • I deliver 'a practical and hands on approach' which combines my business track-record to date, life experiences and natural enthusiasm for business development and management. I have drive for success.
  • I am a strong communicator, a confident presenter, highly capable and experienced.
  • I relish the chance to meet people and build relationships. All people bring their own skills to a given situation and the most important critical success factor in anything we do in business is the health of relationships that we have the people we work with.
  • I have learned that  we must act, not just talk, and we need to overcome our natural tendency to over complicate business. 

Work experience

Nov 2011Present

Product Manager

Partstrader New Zealand Ltd

At PartsTrader I am responsible for key relationship and product management in a small team of dedicated individuals. This role keeps me across a variety of interesting projects at the company, which operates a B2B trading platform in the Automotive Industry.

Again, managing the key relationships and understanding how our product is used by all of our customers, from Repairers, Suppliers, Assessors and Insurers is essential in this role. Translating the needs of our customers back into goal based deliverables amongst the team is a key role of a product manager and I have very much enjoyed getting my head around this important software platform and the needs of its many users.

May 2010Nov 2011

National Sales manager

Tuatara Brewery

As National Sales Manager for Tuatara Brewery  I successfully grew sales through a variety of means. From building out and motivating various sales channels to training staff and active channel management. I also achieved success through developing and fostering business relationships at head office level with large national and international customers. My in-depth product knowledge, which I learned in my role, and ability to impart that knowledge to all types of people in a friendly and motivating way was a great benefit in achieving my goals in this position.

  • High Level Channel Relationships
  • Strategic pricing and positioning 
  • Process review, evaluation and implementation
  • FMCG cross sector experience
  • Staff Management

Founder and Managing Director


In 2001 I was looking for a simple way to remember day to day things and stay organised by using my mobile. I couldn't find a satisfactory solution and after careful planning decided to build it. Today the service is knowen as Aangel messaging.  Through this process I learned about;

  • Business planning and execution
  • Forming and driving a brand new multi talented team
  • Gathering key stakeholders and investors
  • Driving product management
  • Developing and implementing product marketing strategies
  • Partner relationship management

In 2008 I sought and found a buyer for Aangel in the United Kingdom.  I look at my time and colleagues at Aangel with a tremendous amount of satisfaction.


Country Manager


SpinVox acquired Aangel in 2008 and I have worked with them until 2010 in the role of Country Manager and Subsidiary General Manager. 

What a blast! SpinVox are the worlds biggest Voice to Text conversion company with a global sales teams and millions of global users. SpinVox themselves were bought in 2010 by Nuance Communications of America.

Whilst at SpinVox, my main functions included my previous responsibilities prior to the sale coupled with helping SpinVox with their APAC carrier sales. This involved delivering new, innovative services that drive new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Jan 1998Apr 2007



Back in 1998 I spotted a news paper ad for a job titled 'Lover Wanted' which immediately got my attention. That was when I met the great people of Soundline Audio and embarked on a new career in the coveted high end audio industry.

Being a great cultural fit for me, I quickly I bought into the company and took over and managed the Wellington business. Here I was able to develop the business and my management skills in a fun yet challenging high involvement sales environment.


Product Manager

Manawatu TV and Sound Ltd

MTVS was my first post graduate full time job. My role was based at the companies' Telecommunications and Commercial Sales division when I was responsible for all aspects of Commercial Audio/ Video system sales, design and installation. My clients ranged from local government to individuals, churches to Nightclubs, and anywhere in between.  I quickly found my feet in the company and built great internal and customer relations whilst taking on the important role of growing sales.


Financial Reporting
I have a solid footing in the area of PnL and Balance sheet management and reading of business accounts. I am experienced with Xero and have advanced Excel skills. I am also highly capable of building our budgets and tracking those budgets closely and translating the patterns that emerge into real work improvements to profitability.
Public Speaking
I am very good at speaking in public, giving sales presentations and engaging openly in discussions and debate. I am highly competent in producing presentations also, and worked with these skills over many years. 
Market Research
I have learned the value of market research both at an academic and real world level and am a great advocate in the benefit of the science of research in business. From new sparks of business ideas to tired brands needing a new direction, all bushiness can gain tremendous insight through the appropriate research.
Business Management Experience
As a former  Manager of Soundline  Wellington and Managing Director and CEO of Aangel, Management of companies and people has been a large component of my career to date. I have learned to build and manage teams though pragmatism.  I advocate the need for structure and visionary leadership in an organisation and  I love getting projects delivered. I have a clear understanding of P&L and balance sheet management and KPI business management reporting.
NZ Telecommunications Industry experience
I have dealt with all aspects of the New Zealand telco scene in one capacity or another. From network connectivity technical project implementation, to channel management and partner relationships, to straight out pitching and sales. SMS, MMS, Data, Usability and connectivity are all areas of knowledge. I have had working relationships with Vodafone, Telecom New Zealand, Telstraclear and a myriad of related partners and suppliers.
Product Management
Product Management and Marketing have been core roles for me in all my business history. I have developed new product enhancements to open new revenue streams, facilitated research projects and media campaigns through media and  research partners. I successfully saw a new product from seed through implementation and pre sales, volume uptake and early growth. In doing this I have gained valuable transferable skills in these areas.
Sales Training and Channel Management
I successfully penetrated and harnessed the Vodafone Sales channel with in store and nationwide promotion and incentive programs. I regularly created big uplifts in sales through the channel with a combination of ability to train people, conceive and execute effective channel campaigns and management of valuable channel relationships at carrier level. I excel in all of these areas.


Jan 19911994

Bachelor of Business Studies

Massey University

My Marketing major covered all of the essential components of marketing including consumer behaviour, marketing management, strategy, research and analysis. 

Jan 19911994


Massey University

As an adjunct to my BBS I also achieved a finance Diploma.

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