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Data Analysis
Running a small business
Preparation of Financial Statements
Report Development
Microsoft Office
ETL (Extract, Transfer and Load)
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing


My career objective is to continue to work in an organization with a great culture that supports a work/life balance where I can continually add tremendous value as a self-motivated business intelligence/ETL professional with my unique combination of technical, financial and entrepreneurial experience.


  • Business Intelligence
  • Self-Development
  • Nutrition
  • Triathlons
  • Movies


Participant in Dale Carnegie Leadership Skill Builder Program 2013

Mind Tools Learning Management System Skill Builder Program 2012

Participated in Peak Potentials Ultimate Leadership Camp  2008

Week long intensive leadership course led by former military leaders. At Ultimate Leadership Camp you develop the fundamental skills of a successful leader by practicing the art of leadership — again and again —until it becomes second nature

Work experience


Senior Data Analyst

Connolly, Inc.

Primary technical resource on multiple fortune 100 company recovery audits. Provide value-add to audit teams by leading end to end data services delivery and audit solutions including data acquisition, data profiling, ETL from major system extracts (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Legacy Systems), conformed end user tables and ad-hoc reporting which results in the recovery of millions of dollars for our clients.

  • Optimized SQL queries to streamline reporting process, reducing open time by up to 90%.
  • Delegation and supervision of small, diverse teams, frequently mentoring less experienced analysts
  • Collaborated with additional department to develop Powershell script to notify analysts of files hitting FTP from customers, adding the equivalent of ½; FTE.
  • Created a workflow playbook so available resources could provide 10 times previous output to auditors.

Business Intelligence Analyst/ETL Developer

MaxQ Technologies

Primary ETL developer (DTS & SSIS) and business intelligence resource on multiple data warehouse projects including Herbalife International and World Wrestling federation data mart implementations. Led Solomon accounting software data conversion projects and related screen and report customizations.

  • Overall BI Project contributor on 30+ successful installs. (ETL, Customizations, Report Writing)
  • Led the ETL solution for a large Herbalife Int’l Data Mart which stored 300k orders/month from 58 countries. Company was able to reduce the preparation time of budgets by 50%.
  • Created report for purchasing manager which combined data from a ROLAP database, budget and forecast cubes and their ERP accounting system – consolidating all key business driver metrics.

Accounting and System Manager

EFS HealthCare/Arrow Entertainment

Accounting leadership roles where I was primarily responsible for consolidated monthly financial statements for $20 million + private companies including internal financial controls, supervision of 6 accounting resources and the implementations of Mas90 and Solomon accounting systems.


Senior Auditor/CPA

Coopers & Lybrand

Adapted quickly and streamlined audit procedures as a Big 4 auditor on audit teams of both Fortune 500 and emerging start-up clients.

  • Auditing of GAAP financial statements and internal control reviews.
  • AIG Financial Products, Service America, Noise Cancellation Technology




Pace University


Suny Farmingdale




New York




Anthony Podolak

Anthony and I currently work together on the same team at Connolly, Inc.

Anthony Peccerillo

Tony was my superior for 10 years at MaxQ Technologies

Konstantin Bandura

Konstantin worked for me at a division of Arrow Entertainment called The Book Company and he worked with me as a peer at MaxQ Technologies

Keith Burns

Keith and I worked for 5 years at MaxQ and have been friends for 12 years

John Brown

John and I worked together at Arrow Entertainment and MaxQ Technologies. I know him for 15 years


Marine Corps