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Medical Laboratory Science

The Colorado Center for Medical Laboratory Science

Expected Graduation: June 2015


Bachelor's Degree of Applied Science

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Concentration: Biotechnology

Laboratory Experience

Feb 2015May 2015

Clinical Rotation

North Suburban Medical Center
  • Operated chemistry, hematology, and blood bank departments independently.
  • Maintained adequate turn-around-times on all clinical specimens.
  • Conducted daily maintenance, quality control and calibration procedures on Beckman Coulter DxC 600/Access, Sysmex XN-1000, and Siemens BCS-XP analyzers.
  • Documented and reviewed patient data using LIS directories.
  • Screened patient blood for antibodies and prepared analogous units for transfusion.

  • Evaluated peripheral smears for abnormalities and confirmed auto differentials manually.

Mar 2013May 2014

Coooperative Student Researcher

University of Wisconsin - Stout

 Research Topic: Microbiology

Title: Epidemiological Analysis of Honey Bee Winterkill


It has been observed that a large number of honey bees (Apis mellifera) are dying during the winter period of hive preservation. Although the initial prognosis was CCD, this is unlikely as the entire colony remained intact, differing from the complete disappearance of bees associated with CCD. An additional discerning characteristic of winterkill hives is the common observation of deceased honey bees partially within comb cells, a sign of starvation. The focus of our research is on the ecological impact of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) and Varroa destructor on immune cells and winter hive preservation.

  • Collected live samples of Apis mellifera for RNA extraction and purification using Trizol reagent
  • Developed a Reverse Transcription PCR methodology and primer sets for viral presence testing of Deformed Wing Virus
  • Developed accurate qPCR methodology and optimal primer sets for Deformed Wing Virus and β-actin protein
  • Analyzed viral titers using quantitative PCR methodologies and statistical modeling
  • Evaluated correlation between viral prevalence and Apis mellifera population size in summer, fall, and spring
  • Collected live specimens and extracted hemolymph after cold-anesthetization
  • Analyzed Apis mellifera hemolymph extractions for individual immune cell populations using flow cytometry and microscopy
Oct 2012Dec 2012

Undergraduate Research Assistant

University of Wisconsin – Stout 

Research Topic: Bioinformatics

  • Analyzed DNA sequences of Microcystis aeruginosa for phosphate-binding periplasmic protein (pstS) gene
  • Cooperated with fellow undergraduate students to regulate purity of gene sequence
  • Developed phylogenetic tree based on sequence data to analyze diversity within the sampling population



Chancellors Award – Semester II (Spring 2014)

Student Research Grant Recipient (March 2013)

Chancellors Award – Semester I (Fall 2013)


Medical Technologist (MT)

American Society for Clinical Pathology

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